Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 380

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 380 – However… How could that be?

How many of such men existed in this world?

Especially a man as handsome as he was. Even if he was no longer the one standing on the top of the pyramid, a lot of women were still willing to throw themselves at him.

“That’s enough.” Catherine turned away and lowered her dark eyelashes. “Eldest Young Master, it must be very tiring to force yourself this way. You’ll end up vomiting in the washroom later.”

“It doesn’t matter. I have a lifetime to prove it to you.”

Shaun kissed her forehead. “Chester said you can’t eat solid food right now because your stomach can’t digest it. I’ll get a bottle of warm milk for you.”

He got up and went to the kitchen.

The door to the ward was pushed open, and Freya immediately rushed in.

“Cathy, Shaun told me that you’re hospitalized…” When she saw Catherine’s face, she screamed in disbelief. “Why is your face…”

“Oh, it’s ruined.” Catherine smiled at her.

“What the h**l happened? I couldn’t reach you at all these days. I even called the police.” Freya suddenly started to cry.

“Why is G*d treating you like this? You were so beautiful, the most beautiful one in school. Boys looked at you no matter where you went…”

“Enough. I didn’t call you here to talk about things that would make her sad.” Shaun handed Catherine the milk and interrupted Freya coldly.

Freya became infuriated at the sight of him. The fire in her eyes b****d. “I don’t even have to guess. You must have something to do with why she ended up like this. To think that you’re the richest man in Australia. If you ask me, you’re just a piece of trash who can’t even protect a woman. What’s the point of you having one? You should just spend your entire life alone.”

“Freya…” Catherine was a little anxious. Although she found Freya’s rant refreshing, she was afraid that Freya would offend him.

“You…” It was the first time Shaun was scolded so blatantly by a woman who was not Catherine. Anger welled up in his belly, but he could not refute it.

“What? Did I say anything wrong?” Freya cursed at him with reddened eyes. “So what if your Hill family is rich? My Catherine is no doubt the most beautiful woman in the capital. She could have married a man who loves her and protects her, but now it’s completely ruined.”

“It’s not ruined. I’ll marry her,” Shaun said.

“Hah. You want to marry her and then dump her again in a few years? Don’t you think getting divorced once is enough? I don’t believe that a scumbag like you will love her forever now that she’s like this.”

Freya did not believe him at all. In her eyes, Shaun was only acting out of his guilty conscience.

“Freya Lynch, how dare you scold Shaun like that? Know your place.”

From the door, an angry man’s voice suddenly sounded.

Freya looked back and saw that there were two young men at the door. One was Chase, and the other wore a pink printed shirt. He had handsome features, but his eyes were full of malice. He was the one who spoke.

“Oh, it’s you.” Freya remembered him. She had seen him before when she went to the harbor to meet Shaun. He was playing cards with Shaun back then, but she did not remember him to be this annoying.

Rodney scoffed coldly and was just about to speak when Freya suddenly yelled at him, “Shut your mouth. You’re all a bunch of dog sh*t. Birds of a feather flock together.”

“What did you say?” Rodney was infuriated. “You stupid woman. Do you know who I am?”

“Stupid? I think you’re the stupid one. I know who you are. I told you, you’re just a piece of dog sh*t…” Since Freya disliked Shaun, she also disliked his friends.

“Freya…” Catherine was truly worried because she knew Rodney’s true identity. “He’s…”