Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 374

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 374 – Rodney replied unhappily, “Since you’re helping him, am I his buddy if I don’t?”

Left with no choice, Rodney informed his connections to back Shaun up immediately.

The black sports car traveled to the Hill family’s manor like the wind. Then, it swiftly parked at the entrance of the main building.

Shaun strode in.

The large Hill family was having lunch in the dining room.

As soon as they noticed his presence, the atmosphere of the dining room became awkward. Old Madam Hill was so stunned that she rose to her feet. “Good to know that you’ve been released. Please don’t do that kind of silly stuff anymore. How could you break the legs of the noble families’ young masters for a woman…”

“Where’s Catherine?” Shaun interrupted her with a fierce look in his eyes. “Bring her to me.”


Seething with rage, Old Master Hill slammed the bowl on the table, which made a loud noise. “I think you’ve gone mad. You’ve locked up for so many days, yet you didn’t even learn your lesson. How are you still missing that woman? I’ve put so much effort into raising you. How could you do this to me?”

“What have you done raising me?” Shaun scoffed. “Before I turned eight, it was the sitter who looked after me. Then when I was right, I was sent to a mental hospital. After I was discharged, you despised me and treated me like a psycho. It was through my tireless efforts that I attracted your attention and you offered me a chance. From there, I developed Hill Corporation and acquired assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars. It’s the Hill family who owes me.”

“Fine. I didn’t know that is how you see it.” Burning with indignation, Old Master Hill raised his hand and slapped Shaun in the face. “If it hadn’t been for me, you would’ve had no chance of stepping into Hill Corporation. How ungrateful of you.”

“Enough. Stop arguing.” Old Madam Hill stopped Old Master Hill. “He doesn’t mean what he said.”

“I don’t want to argue over this now. Just bring Catherine to me.” Shaun sounded indifferent.

“No way.” Old Master Hill rejected Shaun. “Stop thinking about this woman. I’ve already sent her abroad.”

“Don’t lie. She’s right in the manor, locked in the cellar, right? I’ll go and look for her.” Shaun walked straight to the backyard.

“Stop him.” Old Master Hill waved his hand. Out of the blue, over 20 bodyguards appeared in the spacious living room and blocked Shaun’s way. The middle-aged man who was standing at the forefront was Ian, the most outstanding master of Liona and in Australia.

“You betrayed me, Ian.” Shaun’s eyes were cold.

“Eldest Young Master, Liona has always belonged to the Hill family, whom I’ve been loyal to. So what makes you say that I betrayed you?” Ian answered simply.

Old Master Hill snorted, “I only put Ian by your side because I wanted you to take over the family matters. You wrongly assumed that Ian took your side.”

“I see…” Shaun nodded thoughtfully. All of a sudden, he triggered his gun at both of Ian’s kneecaps and then violently kicked Ian away.

Ian cried out as he fell to the ground. His knees were covered with blood.

The ladies from the Hill family screamed in shock. Old Master Hill, on the other hand, erupted with fury. The master whom he had spent over tens of years training was ruined. “How dare you shoot in the Hill family’s manor, b*stard.”

Shaun held the gun emotionlessly at Ian’s forehead. “Since you serve no purpose to me, you can become a useless trash for the rest of your life.”

Ian was visibly frightened. Only then did he finally realize that he had provoked a crazy man.

Now that his knees had been ruined, his entire life was screwed.

“Come and seize him.” Old Master Hill lost his cool. “I’m going to cripple him.”

“Oh no, Old Master. The members of Liona have surrounded the manor. The members of Chesterton from the Jewell family and the master from the Snow family are outside too.” The housekeeper tottered into the manor.

Everyone in the Hill family was astounded. Lea stared at Shaun as if he was a psycho. “For Catherine, you’ve joined hands with outsiders to a****k us?”

Old Madam Hill lamented. “Shaun, you really let me down.”

“Are you insistent on blocking my way?” Shaun was in no mood to babble with them anymore.

Old Master Hill nearly coughed blood, but he could not do anything to stop him. At that moment, all he could do was let him pass.

Shaun forcefully kicked open the door of the cellar. After that, he turned on the flashlight on his phone and walked downstairs.