Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 370

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 370 – “Exactly. There’s no point being ashamed now,” Queenie said as her mouth twitched. “Shaun is in deep trouble this time because of you.”

“He’s usually quite cool-headed, so why did he end up like this?” Spencer said thoughtfully. “Dad and Mom have put so much effort in him.”

Old Master Hill slapped the table. “You can’t stay in Australia anymore. I’m giving you two options now. I’ll give you a flight ticket to leave Melbourne and never return. I’ll have your Australian citizenship revoked. Another option is that you stay here, but I’ll put you through h**l.”

Catherine suddenly lifted her head and was dazed for a moment.

Leaving Australia and losing her Australian citizenship?

She did think of running away from Shaun when he tortured her before. However, now that she had found out that Shaun offended all the noble families in Canberra for her sake, she did not think she could leave with a clear conscience.

“I want to know what will happen to Shaun.” After a while, her hands curled up into fists. “Will you guys save him?”

“It depends on him. If he remains stubborn, I’ll just disown this grandson.”

Old Master Hill snorted. “Anyway, his reputation has been tarnished since he broke the hands of nine young masters from the noble families in Canberra. Now everyone from the upper class is boycotting him, and those families are pressuring our family. Considering that he has ruined our family’s hundred years of reputation, he’ll be lucky if he survives.”

Catherine’s eyes swept over all the Hill family members. She noticed that none of them expressed concern for Shaun, including Shaun’s biological mother, Lea.

All of a sudden, Catherine was slightly sympathetic to Shaun. If this was the environment he grew up in, it was no wonder he was extremely cold and distant.

“Shaun is your grandson. Is the Hill family’s reputation or familial relationship more important?”

Unable to tolerate the Hill family anymore, Catherine rose to her feet. “All of you are his biological grandpa, granny, and mom. How can you behave so indifferently? You favored him when he was capable of bringing honor and profits to the family. But now that he’s at his lowest, you despise him and give up on him, rather than lending him a hand. This has finally opened my eyes to what the Hill family is like.”

“How dare you!”

Simmering with rage, Old Master Hill grabbed a cup and flung it over her head.

This time, nobody blocked it for her.

It hurt Catherine so much that she nearly fainted.

Blood began to trickle down her face, and at that moment, she looked quite scary.

However, Catherine clenched her fist to keep herself conscious and impassive. Her eyes were even sharper now. “Am I wrong? If a family wants to become influential, shouldn’t everyone unite and respect each other? Only families like this would go a long way.”

Everyone was quite stunned, either from her hideous face or words.

A moment later, Lea said angrily, “Catherine, we initially wanted to offer you a chance to survive by allowing you to leave Australia. But you don’t seem to cherish it.”

Catherine laughed at her. “Thank you for assuming that I’d cherish it. Let me tell all of you that I will not leave.”

Liam frowned, and a hint of worry flashed across his eyes. “Just leave, Catherine. If you stay here… It’ll be a living h**l for you. The Hill family won’t let you go. They’ll lock you in the cellar instead, and it’s horrifying there…”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been to places that are even more horrifying.” Catherine remained unperturbed without any sign of fear on her face.

Liam admired her character even more, but he hoped that she would not choose to stay. “It’ll be pointless to stay here. You’ll lose your freedom forever.”

“At least… My conscience won’t bother me.” Catherine’s eyes were calm.

“Do you have a conscience?” Valerie teased.

“None of you will understand the love-hate relationship between Shaun and me,” Catherine responded nonchalantly.

“Then, bring her to the cellar and lock her up.” Old Master Hill snorted as he waved his hand.

The bodyguards made Catherine leave by shoving her.