Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 358

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 358 – “It’s been cleared, but word about it has basically spread through the company,” Kacey stammered, “Chairwoman Jones, don’t take other people’s gossip too seriously.”

“It’s not gossip. It’s the truth.” Catherine looked straight at her.

Kacey, “…”

How was she supposed to ask a question like that?

At that moment, the secretary suddenly rushed in and said, “Chairwoman Jones, bad news. Someone brought people to the company to cause trouble. When they entered the door, they started smashing items and said they wanted to see you.”

“I’ll go down.” Catherine got up.

The secretary was at a loss. “Chairwoman Jones, that’s not a good idea. I think they brought a camera. They must want to record it and post it online.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Catherine went downstairs.

Along the way, she received a call from Shaun. “Don’t go down. I’ve already notified Elle. She’ll bring someone over to deal with it.”

“No need. I’ll handle it myself.”

“Cathy, don’t be impulsive. Fergus Wicks is one of the people who came. They’re not people you can reason with.”

Catherine laughed mockingly. “Ever since I got tied to you, I can only choose to learn to face these things. After all… you can’t protect me all the time.”


She hung up the phone and went out of the elevator.

Immediately, a rotten egg smashed into her forehead, instantly staining the gauze on her face. It was a ghastly sight.

“B*tch, you stole someone else’s boyfriend! You deserve it! I’ll beat you to d***h.” A well-dressed young girl stood beside Melanie, looking disgusted and spewing curses.

“Chairwoman Jones…” Kacey was startled and hurriedly took a tissue to wipe her face.

Catherine ripped the gauze off and revealed the red wounds on her face.

“How ugly! Did Shaun Hill vomit when he saw this face?” Another girl dressed in a flamboyant manner said disgustedly, “Trash like you don’t deserve to appear in Canberra. Hurry up and get lost.”

“I’m so sorry to say this, but Shaun was still lying in my bed this morning, gently stroking my face and telling me not to leave him.”

Catherine smiled softly, making Melanie shake from anger. She rushed up to slap her, saying, “Catherine Jones, go to h**l!”

Catherine had been waiting for this moment. She grabbed Melanie’s wrist and pulled her toward her, fiercely slapping her several times. “This is how you hit me yesterday. I’m giving it all back to you today!”

Melanie was slapped several times and fainted.

“How dare you lay a hand on her in front of me?! You must have a d***h wish!” Fergus charged over. Kacey jumped in surprise and could only rush forward to block him.

Fergus kicked her away, and Catherine took out a fruit knife to press it on Melanie’s face. Her eyes were ruthless. “If you dare to move, I’ll destroy her face.”

“Uncle, don’t move. I can’t be d********d.” Melanie was so scared she almost cried.

“Catherine Jones, if you dare to touch her, I’ll take your life!” Fergus shouted furiously. He had come here to settle scores with her, but he did not expect to be threatened instead.

“My life? Feel free to take it. If I were afraid of d***h, you wouldn’t be standing here.” Catherine sneered, “But Melanie is different. You’re still relying on her face to climb up the Hill family. Who would want her if she’s d********d?”

“What do you want?” Fergus said in annoyance.

“Hand over the cameras.” Catherine gave him a look.

Fergus had no choice but to wave his hand, and several cameras were handed over to her company’s employees.