Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 354

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 354 – Melanie, who had been listening from the side with a pale face, could not help but cry out, “Eldest Young Master Hill, what’s so good about Catherine? She’s just an illegitimate daughter. Is it because she knows how to flirt—”

“Melanie Yule, you’d better watch your mouth,” Shaun warned expressionlessly.

Nicola’s face twisted in anger as she argued, “Eldest Young Master Hill, you invited Melanie in full view of everyone to dance at the ball, and the Hill family said that she would be your girlfriend, but now you’re saying no? Are you just playing around with the Yule family? How is she supposed to marry in the future?”

Old Master Hill also felt that they were in the wrong. “We’ll give the Yule family an explanation.”

“Good, I believe you, Old Master Hill. If this matter isn’t resolved, I believe that if such shameful news of the Hill family spreads, no influential family will dare to marry anyone from the Hill family in the future. And… if the public learns about this, I’m afraid the entire country will call him a scumbag.”

Nicola finished speaking and pulled her daughter to leave.

“Did you hear what the Yule family said?” Old Master Hill grimaced and threatened, “If you keep insisting, hand over Hill Corporation to Liam tomorrow. You’re not the only one in the Hill family.”

“I won’t break up with her.” Shaun frowned, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes. “Grandpa, I’m sorry.”

“Get out.” Old Master Hill was so angry he did not want to speak to him anymore.

The members of the Hill family were all looking contemplative. It seemed like there really would be a change in the person in charge of the Hill family.

11:00 p.m.

Shaun walked into the hospital wearing a thin shirt.

The elegant and noble Shaun Hill had not been this miserable for a long time. His handsome face was marred with a slap print.

Liam came in from outside with a lab sheet. When he saw Shaun, a warm and harmless smile appeared on his face. “Brother, aren’t you going to stay with Grandma?”

“I’ll give you the chance to please the two elderly. Isn’t that what you wanted?” Shaun glanced at him coldly. “Are you satisfied with how tonight turned out after planning everything?”

“What does it have to do with me?” Liam shrugged. “Shaun, it’s not nice of you to say that when you stole my female companion.”

“Liam Hill, I underestimated you.” Shaun had never looked so carefully at Liam as he was doing now. Perhaps his younger brother had done too good of a job at hiding. “When Catherine went to the old residence before, you saw her hiding in my room, didn’t you?”

Liam raised his brows but did not comment.

A touch of rage flashed in Shaun’s eyes. “You shouldn’t have hurt or deceived her.”

Liam’s thin lips were slowly raised into a smile and he said cruelly, “Shaun, the one who hurt her has never been me. It was you. I just helped her walk from the darkness to the light, where she can be seen by everyone else.”

“There are many ways to do that, but you definitely shouldn’t have used your method. Liam Hill, I won’t forgive you for this.”

Shaun moved his long legs and left without looking back.

Back at home.

He pushed open the door of the bedroom, but the lights were not turned on.

A faint smell of medicine filled the room, and a small figure under the silk blanket had its back to the door.

He went round to the balcony and stood in front of the bed. By the moonlight, he could clearly see that her once beautiful little face was now covered with four pieces of gauze, almost completely covering the sides of her face and revealing only her pointed chin.

In the past, she used to have a little baby fat on her face, and she looked very cute when he pinched her.

Now, she was thin.

Shaun’s hand gently touched the gauze on her face. As a man, this was the first time he felt so defeated and powerless.

Tonight, he saw so many people hurting her, yet he had failed to protect her.

She must hate him a lot.

Her face suddenly avoided his hand, and her quietly closed eyes immediately opened—revealing a d**d silence within.