Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 321

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 321 – Catherine lost her temper. How f*cking shameless Shaun was to look for her!

She deleted the message straight away. A moment later, however, Shaun sent her a video of her dancing in a bunny costume.

Catherine gnashed her teeth. She turned around and said to Wesley, “I just remember that I need to meet my grandma to deal with something. You don’t have to send me home.”

“…Alright. Call me once you’re back.” After reminding her, Wesley watched her leave. His handsome face suddenly turned grim.

Ten minutes later, Catherine found Shaun’s black sports car at the roadside. When she got into the car, she glanced around like a thief.

“Why? Are you worried that Wesley will spot us?”

Shaun held a cigarette between his fingers while his hand was placed on the steering wheel. Amid the smoke, his handsome brows expressed a sense of sarcasm.

At this moment, Catherine hated him to the core. Her face looked pale as well. “Elder Young Master Hill, don’t you remember entering the venue with your girlfriend and future mother-in-law in such a grand manner just now? Now everyone knows that you’re Melanie’s man. If someone spots me getting into your car, they might assume that I’m seducing you.”

“Are you jealous?” Shaun’s sharp eyes were fixed on her.

Catherine scoffed and replied in an agitated tone, “I can’t be bothered about it. Why do you want to meet me? If there’s nothing much, I’m going to leave now.”

She acted as if she was forced to be here. Her face was filled with impatience.

Shaun had been very stressed these days. At that point, the annoyance inside him burst straight away. He gripped her wrist and scoffed, saying, “Now that Wesley has returned, you don’t feel like seeing me anymore, huh? Catherine, if you continue to behave provocatively in front of me, I’ll kick you and Wesley out of Canberra.”

“Enough.” Catherine was so fed up with him that she broke free from his grip. Her eyes reddened with anger. “You humiliated me so much during the banquet just now. Are you only going to stop it after I k**l myself?”

“Will you really k**l yourself? For a woman like you, are you willing to k**l yourself?” Shaun pinched her cheek with his left hand. The words that came out of his thin lips were far crueler than before.

Catherine’s gaze was filled with resentment. “I hate you, Shaun. You’re the most foolish man I’ve ever met.”

“I dare you to say it again.” Shaun really lost his cool now. He gripped her throat, his face revealing a frosty look.

“Am I wrong in saying that? You’re interested in a woman like Melanie. You’re blind, aren’t you?” Catherine thundered, “The Wicks family has ill intentions, yet you keep defending them. You’re just aiding and abetting them. Whenever I recall having fallen in love with someone like you back then, I feel disgusted.”

“Hah! Were you in love with me?” Shaun acted as if he heard a joke. “Don’t distort the term ‘love’.”

Catherine was shocked. She gave a bitter smile.

“Catherine, don’t try to incite me. I know full well what’s on your mind.” Shaun’s eyes were fierce. “As long as I live, you won’t be able to defeat the Wicks family. Nicola and Joel won’t be able to get a divorce as well.”

Catherine gave him a d***h stare. Due to intense fury, her chest felt heavy.

Shaun brought the cigarette to his lips and exhaled the smoke gently. The smoke obscured his brows that conveyed a complicated emotion. “Unless… I get another woman pregnant, I won’t consider dumping Melanie.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he undid the buttons of his shirt below his collarbones. Then, he gazed out of the window.

This was already the greatest hint and tolerance he could offer her.

It was also his final chance for her.

Catherine was stunned. She found it a little… confusing.

What did he mean?

Was he implying that he wanted her to send him a woman?

At the thought of what he was planning to do with another woman, however, Catherine was in so much pain that she could hardly breathe.

“I got it. May I leave now?”

After a desperate struggle, Catherine eventually gave up dejectedly.