Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 320

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 320 – Joel immediately said, “He’s Catherine’s fiancé from Golden Corporation…”

“Never heard of it.” Shaun looked away, and his cold gaze rested on the coffee cup in front of him. “Any Tom, D**k, or Harry is allowed to sit on the Yule family’s seat of honor, huh?”

With that, Wesley’s elegant and handsome face turned pale. His bright eyes flashed with an undertone of grimness.

Catherine felt as if she was slapped in the face. She was left in a state of embarrassment.

Melanie chuckled in spite of herself. “Exactly. Just look at who Elder Young Master Hill is. Not everyone can sit with him.”

Old Madam Yule felt embarrassed. After all, she was the one who had asked him to sit over here.

“I’ll go to another table.” Wesley patted Catherine on the back of her hand. Then, he turned around and headed to another table.

“Wait up. I’m coming with you. After all… I don’t qualify to sit with Elder Young Master Hill either.” Catherine went after Wesley. The two of them ultimately sat at another table.

Shaun bit his thin lip while sitting on the seat of honor. His handsome face was impassive while his masculine brows were frosty.

Everyone could tell that Elder Young Master Hill was upset. Deep down, Old Master Yule was giving Catherine a piece of his mind. After that, he feigned a smile and said, “I’m really sorry, Elder Young Master Hill. That was very immature of Catherine. Don’t sink to her level. She’s an illegitimate daughter who came from the countryside, so she’s quite uncultured.”

“Dad…” Joel’s face flushed with embarrassment. He could no longer tolerate it.

“Shut up.” Old Master Yule glared at Joel. Then, he signaled Melanie with his eyes.

Melanie promptly hugged Shaun’s arm and acted coquettishly. “Elder Young Master Hill, I promise that you won’t see the two of them again when you visit the Yule family next time.”

“Yeah, yeah. Regardless of the occasion, they won’t be around wherever you are.” Old Master Yule went all out to flatter Shaun.

Shaun bit his thin lip lightly, which seemed to imply agreement. In fact, those who were familiar with him knew that he was even more annoyed deep down.

Catherine, who was at another table, naturally heard the conversation among those people.

She was aware that everyone at the table was looking at her in a gloating manner with hardly any sympathy.

Her face turned pale bit by bit.

Wesley held her hand tightly beneath the table. It was the first time he felt so helpless. With the humiliation he suffered today, he swore that he had to become powerful to pay them back with interest.

After lunch.

When Catherine came out of the restroom, she happened to come across Fergus who was walking out of the male restroom. The 40-year-old man was sturdily built and unshaven. He looked rough and dangerous.

As they unavoidably confronted each other, Fergus gave her an evil smile. “You have such great driving skills, little girl. You actually survived the meandering road of Sherman Mountain.”

Catherine’s face darkened. How dare he act flagrantly?! “Having done so many bad things, you’ll face punishment sooner or later.”

“Haha. When Melanie becomes Madam Hill… Do you believe that I’d be able to k**l you then? No one is going to say anything about it.” Fergus lifted his hand and performed the action of slicing her neck. Then, he burst out laughing unscrupulously.

Catherine’s eyes revealed shock. While trembling, she said, “Judging from your arrogant tone, you must have committed a lot of atrocities. My mom’s d***h… I’m sure it has to do with the Wicks family.”

Fergus was momentarily stunned. “Your mom died in a typhoon. What does it have to do with me?”

Catherine observed his expression. He had always been arrogant prior to this moment, but his expression now seemed genuine.

“Sheryl was just unfortunate to have died young, but you’d better watch out,” Fergus warned her and then left in a swagger.

Catherine stared at his back in a state of bewilderment.

If it was not the Wicks family who k****d Sheryl, then who?

The banquet ended.

When Catherine and Wesley were walking toward the car park, she received a message from Shaun. [I’m waiting for you outside the hotel. Come here.]