Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 312

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 312 – Upon coming to her senses, Catherine rapidly turned the steering wheel. The car traveled down the meandering road at a higher speed due to brake failure.

A Bentley appeared at the front all of a sudden.

She promptly decided to cut in on the car from the side of the narrow road.

The driver of the Bentley got a shock. “Is that person out of her mind, Second Young Master? She’s actually driving at a speed of 150 to 160 miles per hour, treating this as a race.”

Liam lifted his head and saw the white sports car traveling like the wind on the mountain road. It looked like the driver was not hitting the brakes at all even when passing several turns.

Even he did not have the nerve to drive a sports car like that.

“Something is wrong with the car. Go after it.”

The driver went all out to catch up. To the driver and Liam’s shock, the white sports car was now traveling on the mountain road at a great speed of almost 200 miles per hour. When the car was ultimately about to turn over, Catherine immediately drove to a muddy path that was being constructed. A loud bang sounded when the right side of the car crashed into a big tree.

Liam swiftly got out and opened the door of that car. The airbag had deployed, and a slender woman was being cushioned inside. She had lost her consciousness, but there were no signs of injuries on her.


Liam was astonished after taking a good look at the beautiful, pale face. He quickly carried her out of the car with the driver and sent her to a nearby hospital afterward.

Soon, Joel arrived at the hospital with an anxious look. Liam comforted, “Don’t worry, Uncle Joel. Your daughter is intelligent and courageous. I noticed that her car had been out of control for a while, yet she stayed composed while handling the car on the meandering road. Later, she drove to a muddy path that was being constructed in order to reduce the speed of the car. When the car crashed, nobody was seated on the right side of the car. Although she lost consciousness, there aren’t any physical injuries on her. She probably fainted due to a concussion.”

“Thank G*d.” Joel finally let out a sigh of relief. He said to Liam gratefully, “Thank you so much, Second Young Master. I’ll remember your kindness.”

“Not at all. It’s what I should’ve done.”

About half an hour later, the hospital staff came out. Similar to what Liam had mentioned, a hit to Catherine’s body and head caused her to suffer a concussion, which explained why she fainted. Nevertheless, she did not have injuries to other parts of her body.

After learning that Catherine was fine, Liam headed to the office as he had something to deal with that morning,

Along the way, the driver asked, “Second Young Master, do you think her car was tampered with?”

Liam chuckled as the reason behind the brake failure of a sports car worth over two million dollars was glaringly obvious.

The driver sighed. “It’s my first time seeing someone end up with such light injuries after meeting with an accident on a meandering road. Any ordinary woman would’ve been scared out of her wits, and the car would probably have plunged off the cliff. Miss Jones might be young, but her driving skills are fantastic. Even though I’m an experienced driver, it’s a shame that I can’t be calm and courageous like her.”

“Yeah.” Liam knocked his fingers on his knees. He had met her in the Hill household a few days ago, assuming that she was just a beautiful face without depth. However, he was absolutely amazed by her behavior today.

Originally, he thought that Shaun was just fascinated by her beauty.

How would Shaun react after he found out that she had met with an accident?

12:00 p.m.

Liam headed to the dining hall of the company.

The dining halls for the top management and ordinary employees were located on different floors.

When he entered the private room, he saw Shaun, who was dressed in a trim suit, walking from the corridor. His handsome face was set in a grim expression. A few executives were following closely behind him to report the company’s performance.