Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 290

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 290 – “Get out,” Shaun ordered bluntly.

Melanie’s eyes reddened as an incredulous look washed over her face. “Eldest Young Master, I’m your girlfriend…”

“You can stop being my girlfriend at any time.” Shaun grabbed her wrist and went downstairs.

This was the first time he was taking the initiative to touch her, but before she could feel happy about it, she was pushed right out the door. “Melanie Yule, you didn’t knock and randomly entered another person’s home. Didn’t your family teach you any manners?”

Melanie choked with sadness. “It’s not that I don’t have manners. It’s because Young Master Hill is hiding a woman at home and doesn’t want me to see her, right?”

Shaun’s face turned livid. This stupid woman had crossed his bottom line. “Do I need to explain what I do to you? Know your place.”

Then, he finished his sentence and shut the door with a loud bang.

Melanie stood outside the door, dumbfounded. She did not understand. Eldest Young Master Hill had spoiled her a lot before. He even fell in love with her at first sight in front of so many other young ladies. How could he change just like that?

It must be the vixen inside the house who made him confused.

Shaun locked the door from inside and called Hadley to get someone to change the locks.

After hanging up, Catherine walked down from upstairs. She was wearing one of his shirts and his pajama pants. The loose clothes made her look even more petite and exquisite.

Shaun stared at her with raised brows. It was the first time he realized that a woman could look so charming when dressed in a man’s clothes.

Catherine walked down the steps carefully, but the pajama pant leg was too wide, making her slip and fall.

Catherine, “…”

She was confused for a few seconds, and she hurriedly grabbed the pajama pants.

Before she could say anything, Shaun picked her up and placed her on the sofa. “You did that on purpose.”

“No, your pajamas are too big.” Catherine wanted to cry, but when she thought of Melanie standing outside, she pushed him away in embarrassment. “That’s enough. If you want a woman, your girlfriend is right outside.”

“Don’t you know?” Shaun snorted before he spat out hurtful words in his warm voice, “My girlfriend is going to be Mrs. Hill. As for a woman like you… You’re just a plaything.”

Catherine’s eyes widened. She thought that she had been embarrassed enough by his real girlfriend who was outside the door, but she never expected that his words would reach this level of humiliation.

“Don’t look at me like that. You were Mrs. Hill once, but you squandered the opportunity.” Shaun carelessly played with the hair around her ears.

Catherine’s heart sank to the bottom. She knew that what Shaun wanted most now was to toy with her. “Wasn’t last night’s humiliation enough?

“No.” Shaun let go of her long hair and stood up straight. “In the future, if I tell you to appear, then you have to appear immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame me for uploading the video. If you want to continue staying in Canberra’s circle, it’ll depend on your sincerity.”

Catherine’s face was so pale that she was unable to speak.

Sometimes, she really wanted to go back to Melbourne, but she could not do it when she thought of her d**d mother as well as Nicola and her daughter.

Seeing her fall silent, Shaun smiled sarcastically. “It looks like your feelings for Wesley Lyons aren’t that strong. He’s far less important than the Yule family’s glory and wealth, huh?”

“Are you done?” Catherine smiled coldly. “Shaun Hill, what I regret most was talking to you at the bar back then!”