Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 286

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 286 – The men looked at Shaun, dumbfounded. Everyone knew that Eldest Young Master Hill was notorious for not being close to women.

“Eldest… Eldest Young Master Hill, what brings you here?”

“Who made her drink?” Shaun’s dark gaze swept over every face on the yacht one by one.

Everyone felt their hearts chill. They could only look at Rodney for help. “Young Master Snow, it was you who hinted at us just now.”

“It’s fine.” Rodney raised his left hand and pressed it down. He walked over to Shaun and laughed in a low voice. “Shaun, I’m just helping you vent your anger. It was her fault for deceiving and playing with you. Since she dares to come to Canberra, of course, I have to teach her a lesson on your behalf.”

Before he could finish, Shaun swung a heavy fist at his face. Rodney was caught off guard and was beaten until his lip broke.

“Shaun Hill…” Rodney was simply furious.

The young men hurriedly rushed off the yacht. The two big shots fighting were enough to set off an earthquake. Who would dare to interfere?

“Who dares to leave?” Shaun narrowed his eyes, and several guards stood at the entrance.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, how did we offend you?” Young Master Kelly asked with an ingratiating face while holding back his fear.

Shaun’s icy gaze swept across the faces inside the yacht. They were all philandering young masters whose favorite hobby was playing with women.

When he thought of these people’s d***y eyes roaming over Catherine’s body and how they might have touched her before he arrived, he wanted nothing more than to gouge their eyes out.

“Shaun, I was the one who called them over. If you want to blame someone, then blame me.” Rodney stepped forward to protect them.

Shaun’s bone-chilling gaze shifted to him. The yacht was so quiet that even a pin could be heard if it was dropped.

“Tonight’s events… If anyone dares to spread a word, a picture, or a video…” Shaun looked at the group of people. His domineering aura spread out, demanding obedience. “I’ll make your entire family disappear.”

The crowd was terrified. Even a fool would understand this woman’s relationship with Young Master Hill.

The people who tried to take advantage of Catherine earlier all paled.

“Also, break one hand of whoever touched her before. There should be surveillance cameras inside the yacht.” Shaun picked Catherine up and turned to leave.

Rodney flushed with anger and hurriedly chased after him. “Shaun, you’re not showing me any respect at all. I really don’t understand you. She doesn’t care about you at all and even made out with another man when she was together with you. Women like her should be taught a lesson. Besides, I was here. I wouldn’t have let anyone do anything to her. I just wanted to humiliate her.”

“Even if she has to be taught a lesson, I should be the one to do it.” Shaun’s expression remained unchanged. “It’s not your place to humiliate her.”

After leaving the yacht, Shaun boarded the helicopter and left directly.

When the helicopter took off, the buzzing sound made Catherine dizzy. Her stomach flipped, and she threw up all over Shaun’s chest.

The unpleasant pungent smell pierced his nose, and Shaun’s expression turned livid. He threw Catherine onto the seat and quickly took off his jacket, throwing it on the ground in disgust.

“Ugh… It’s so uncomfortable.” Catherine groaned and turned in the seat. The bunny outfit could make a person’s blood boil.

Seeing her like that, the fire in Shaun’s belly immediately changed into a different kind. He quickly took off his clean sweater and covered her body, fearing that he would completely lose control if he saw her like that again.

Ten minutes later, the plane landed on the roof of his private residence in the city.

Shaun carried her to the room and threw her on the large bed.

Catherine curled up into a ball, and his sweater immediately fell off her. Shaun could not stand it when her straight and slender legs were exposed. He was about to wrap her in a blanket when Catherine suddenly grabbed his hand and groaned. “My stomach doesn’t feel good. Help me rub it.”