Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 283

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 283 – Catherine could only change her clothes and get ready. When she went downstairs, she happened to meet Melanie who had just returned.

“Where are you going so late at night? Don’t tell me you’re going out to fool around with men?” Melanie’s words were very unpleasant.

“My friend is drunk so I’m going to pick her up.” Catherine could not be bothered to look at Melanie and drove directly to the port.

There were several large yachts docked here.

She found one of the largest ones and boarded it. The heat was turned up inside, and there were more than a dozen men and women there. All of the women were wearing bikinis. The atmosphere made Catherine place her hand in her pocket. She wanted to call Joel.

However, before she could dial the number, a man suddenly rushed at her from behind and restrained her body. He grabbed her phone and dragged her upstairs.

Catherine struggled hard but could not break free. She knew that she had fallen into a trap, but it had not been long since she stepped foot in Canberra. She had not offended anyone either. Could it be Nicola?

After arriving upstairs, she saw a handsome man wearing a black leather coat sitting idly on the sofa. The man had sharp brows and immaculate hair. His eyes gleamed, and he had full lips. It was the same man she had seen in the restaurant earlier.

“It’s you.” Catherine was stunned. “I’ve never met you before and I’ve never offended you either.”

“You’ve never offended me, but you’ve offended my friend.” Rodney stood up slowly, his hands hooking his belt. His handsome face was full of coldness. “You look pretty good. It’s no wonder you were able to deceive Shaun.”

“You’re Shaun’s friend?” Catherine finally understood and said angrily, “That’s between me and Shaun. Where’s my friend? She’s an employee of your company.”

“I don’t lack employees. Her absence won’t make a difference.” Rodney’s smile was very beautiful, but it only made others feel cold. “If you want to see her again, that’ll depend on you.”

“What do you want me to do?” Catherine gritted her teeth and asked.

“Wear this and go downstairs to dance for everyone to see. I’ll let you and your friend go if you dance until everyone is willing to reward you with 10,000 dollars.” Rodney picked up a Playboy bunny outfit and threw it in front of her.

Catherine wanted to vomit blood. There was so little fabric on the outfit that it was pathetic. Except for the important places, everything else was exposed. There was even a bunny tail at the back. It was definitely something that should not be worn in plain sight. If she wore this, she would be no different from the women who had improper occupations in hotels.

“Young Master Snow, you might not know this, but I’m Joel Yule’s daughter. If my dad finds out—”

“I heard that Joel Yule adopted an illegitimate daughter, but so what? Even if it were Melanie Yule standing in front of me, I would still play with her.” Rodney tapped his watch. “You have one minute, or I’ll throw your friend into the sea.”

“If I’m dressed like that, who knows if those men outside will do anything to me…”

“That’s enough, Catherine Jones. Shaun is naive, but don’t think I’m easy to fool. I don’t believe a woman like you has been with less than seven to eight men. Isn’t sleeping around what you’re best at?” Rodney looked impatient. “Three, two—”

“Alright, I’ll wear it.”

Catherine clenched her fists in resignation.

To this group of rich kids, she was nothing more than a plaything.

However, she could not drag Freya into this along with her.

Five minutes later, she went to the dressing room and changed into a bunny outfit. She came out before slowly walking downstairs.

The men downstairs instantly whistled.

“Hey, Young Master Snow, where did you find such a stunner?”

“She looks quite good.”

The men looked at the b****i-clad beauties around them and instantly felt bored. They all stared intently at Catherine.

Catherine’s face was red with humiliation and unshed tears, but Rodney only said excitedly, “Later, she’ll dance for everyone. You guys can reward her, but she’ll stop dancing once she hits 10,000 dollars.”