Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 273

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 273 – The door was pushed open with a bang.

Old Madam Hill came in and said in a huff, “You’re actually hiding in here! I’m purposely holding this banquet for you so that you can pick your future wife, but here you are hiding silently. Are you not planning to get a wife?”

“No,” Shaun answered indifferently.


Old Madam Hill was overwhelmed by fury. “You have to go out now even if you don’t feel like doing it. Since you’re the eldest grandson in the direct lineage of the Hill family, you must get married. Sarah is already d**d. When are you going to stop putting this off?”

Shaun, who was flipping through the document with his slender fingers, paused for a moment.

Old Madam Hill tore the document apart and tossed it aside. “You can work anytime but not today. Go and pick a woman tonight, or I’ll bang my head in front of you until I d*e.”

“Granny…” Shaun rubbed his forehead. This was exactly why he had not wanted to return. As a man who was going to turn 30 soon, he was always being forced to go on blind dates.

Previously, he deliberately got Catherine to deal with it for the time being. However…

At the thought of the woman, Shaun’s eyes darkened.

Since he was going to get married sooner or later, it seemed that marrying earlier or later would not make a difference.

Perhaps he should listen to his grandmother so that she would feel more at ease.


He rose to his feet and walked out with Old Madam Hill.

With great delight, Old Madam Hill took him to the second floor to observe the women below. The situation was just like how an emperor selected a consort in those days. “Take a look at the ladies below and pick one you’re interested in.”

The moment Shaun’s eyes swept over them, his head hurt. All the ladies were heavily made up, and they probably looked different with their b**e faces once their makeup was removed.

On the contrary, Catherine’s face was always pure and pretty even with light makeup.

His eyes suddenly shifted to a woman’s face. He froze.

Old Madam Hill shifted her gaze to the woman he was staring at and smiled. “She’s Melanie Yule, the young lady of the Yule family. Her dad is Joel Yule and her mom is Nicola from the Wicks family. She comes from a wealthy background too. As for her looks, she’s considered one of the good-looking ladies among the rest here tonight.”

Shaun stayed quiet for some time. The lady’s face reminded him of the woman far away in Melbourne.

In fact, he bitterly resented her when he left her. At the sight of the lady who looked like her, however, he could not help but fix his gaze on the lady.

What had she done to bewitch him?

“So… she’s the one?” Old Madam Hill asked in surprise.

“…Uh, alright then.” As soon as Shaun finished speaking, he slowly walked down the stairs.

Late at night.

Standing on the balcony, Catherine could faintly see the Hill family’s manor from where she was. That night, the lights there were all illuminated. She reckoned that the manor was bustling with activity.

He was right there.

She sighed softly and then lay on the bed again.

However, she had trouble falling asleep.