Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2693

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2693 – “No wonder Ferra Film Group has been so powerful lately.” Freya suddenly felt discouraged. “I thought Freycatheli has been doing well, but compared to you both, it turns out I’m doing the worst.”

“Why do you think so?” Charity laughed and then teased, “Perhaps you’ll be the prime minister’s wife in the future.”

“Exactly.” Catherine agreed. “You found someone with great potential, and you should treasure him.”

“Forget it. I’m not interested in being the prime minister’s wife. It’s too exhausting. I’d much prefer eating and having fun with my buddies.”

After that, Freya slammed her hands on the table. “Shouldn’t we drink to celebrate the rebirth of our best friend?”

“We can drink, but don’t you get drunk and expose my identity,” Charity reminded.

“I got it.” Freya quickly zipped her mouth. “This matter will stay among the three of us…”

“Actually, someone else knows about it…”

“Who?” Freya and Catherine asked simultaneously.

“Max.” With that, an affectionate look suddenly appeared in Charity’s eyes as she looked at her friends. Then, she explained shyly, “Max, Eliza, and I are childhood best friends, especially he and Eliza. He was the first person to notice the change in Eliza and expose me. He has helped me a lot over the years, and he was also the one who helped me hire the bodyguards at the entrance.”

“Oh. Not bad.” Freya scoffed strangely. “Charity, you’re quite good at acting, huh? You even pretended like it was your first time meeting Max when Ryan introduced you both to each other.”

“He has a special identity, so it’s not appropriate for him to get too close to me,” Charity explained helplessly.

“Is he interested in you?” Catherine asked curiously.

Freya moved the chair closer as well. “Charity, let me tell you that as a woman, you need not put all your eggs in one basket. I thought it wasn’t good to be with another man after having slept with Rodney back then, but after I took a bold step forward, I realized that… the feeling was great. It was wonderful, in fact.”


Charity was speechless. “Did I hear that correctly? Have you guys slept together?”

“Sure enough, experienced people do think differently.” Catherine said sadly, “Shaun is the only man I’ve been with in my entire life. Now that I think about it, I’m losing out.”

“Cough. I didn’t mean that.” Freya’s cheeks turned red. “In fact, many women are loyal. Charity might have mixed feelings since she has only slept with Chester, but there’s no need to get upset over it. Be bold to s********h other people. There’s nothing wrong with that. Life is meant to be enjoyed.”

Charity was at a loss for words.

Freya’s openness made Charity seem as though she was very conservative.

Catherine said, “If you meet someone skillful, that’s indeed an enjoyment.”

Charity choked on her saliva.

Where was she? Why was she hearing all kinds of filthy things?

She was just revealing her identity to them.

How did the subject stray so much?


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