Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2647

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2647 – “You can refrain from participating in the plans against Jewell Corporation.”

Eliza suddenly glanced at Levi indifferently. “You aim to bring down Felix Media. Chester most likely doesn’t have the effort to dominate the entertainment industry now.”

“That’s just temporary peace.”

Levi smiled bitterly. “How can I possibly have the chance to back down after joining hands with you? Chester is a person who seeks revenge, even for the smallest matter. His failure this time might be the biggest humiliation of his life. Will he let me off easily? After Jewell Corporation stabilizes, he’ll still make me pay. Instead of that, I’d rather a****k him with you. When he loses an arm, he won’t be able to bother me.”

Eliza raised her eyebrows. A hint of astonishment flashed across her calm eyes.

She did not expect Levi to be pretty clever to have predicted that point.

No wonder he could go head to head with Felix Media for so long in the entertainment industry without any substantial investments.

“You’re right.” Eliza gave rare praise. “Chester will discover us sooner or later. Actually, my police report this time is just the start. I’m aware that Jewell Corporation will find someone to suppress it very quickly. However, some things will be circulated to 10,000 or even 100,000 people, especially the authorities, in a short time once 1,000 people are aware of the news.”

Levi was shocked.

“Jewell Corporation is too ambitious and greedy. Do you think the higher-ups will be satisfied? They won’t. They just lack an opportunity. Jewell Corporation’s competitors won’t be satisfied as well. There’ll be competition in any market.”

Eliza scanned the name list in her hand. “You can contact these people and connect Chester’s competitors. Take down the tempting Jewell Corporation first. Everyone can slowly take their share afterward.”

“Will they agree?” Levi was nervous.

“You can tell them that Jewell Corporation’s scandals can be circulated through Eagle Videos. Jewell Corporation hasn’t had any scandals these years solely because Chester has the media industry in his grasp. Now, he can’t do that. Your side has become the loophole.”

Eliza reminded, “Besides, reveal the scandals of Felix Media’s artists who aren’t willing to switch companies. You understand the logic of destroying the things you can’t obtain, right?”

“Yes.” Achill ran down Levi’s spine.

Such a beautiful young woman had much crueler methods than him.

Felix Media might still have not realized that Eliza was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She basically had the embarrassing scandals of all Felix Media’s artists in her hands.

As Levi was leaving, he suddenly turned his head back and asked, “Eliza, you don’t have any compromising information in Chester’s hands, right?”

“I do. I was forced to be his woman before,” Eliza spoke calmly as if she were discussing that day’s weather. “But I already had plans to quit the entertainment industry early on, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Alright. Since you say so, I’ll just take a chance.”


In the evening, the negative news related to Jewell Corporation was gradually suppressed.

However, what came next was news of Felix Media’s artists being involved in various scandals. A few female celebrities had slept with Stuart, who had his s*****l revealed before. There were also male artists who abandoned their ex-girlfriends after attaining success. Some had even been violent toward their ex-girlfriends.

What was more terrible was that the scandals came with photos, recordings, or videos.

Felix Media was caught in the eye of the storm again in an instant.

Many companies were even scrambling to terminate their partnerships with Felix Media.

Shedrick was overwhelmed and dizzy from being busy the whole evening.

He did not understand what was happening to Felix Media.

He initially thought Felix Media could hold on for some time, but he realized then that it might not even get through one week.

In the office of Jewell Corporation.

Chester sat in the leather chair, smoking. His handsome face was clouded by cigarette smoke.

“President Jewell, the photos on the internet must’ve been leaked from within the company.” Shedrick pointed at the photo on the phone and said, “Look. This photo was taken during the year-end party last year, while this one is the chat history of the company’s manager…”

“Who do you think did this?” Chester’s expression was icy.

“It must be someone who has been in the company for quite a few years but switched companies and left,” Shedrick voiced his guess.


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