Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 263

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 263 – “Don’t go to him. He’s already aware that I initially approached him because I mistook him for Ethan’s uncle. He has also found out that you lied to him before this for the sake of getting me out of j**l.”

Catherine stopped Freya.

“What? How did he manage to find out?” Freya was dumbfounded. D**n, would Shaun fray her alive?

“I’m not sure. Only both of us know about this matter.” Catherine looked at her with a helpless expression. “I didn’t tell him anything. Judging from the strong alcohol smell on you, you probably drank a lot last night. You do have the habit of talking nonsense after getting drunk.”

“Don’t accuse…” Freya was struck by a thought while she was talking. She grabbed hold of her hair. “Now I remember. I think Chase was the one who sent me home last night, and I was quite drunk at that time. There seemed to be another man in the car, and he claimed to be your boyfriend.”

Catherine was speechless.

She knew it. No doubt, Freya was harboring a grudge against her.

Freya knocked on her head violently. She wished she could rip her mouth apart.

“Sorry, Cathy.” Dejected, Freya immediately kneeled down in front of Catherine. “I got you into trouble again. I have no idea how I can make it up to you during my lifetime. I feel too ashamed to face you. What about offering my brother to you as compensation for my mistake? I promise that he’ll be truly in love with you and stay faithful to you.”

“Forget about it.” Catherine waved her hand, implying that she was too tired to scold her. “Anyway, it would’ve still been difficult for us to continue on with our relationship even if you hadn’t caused the problem. There’s the matter regarding Wesley and… his ex-girlfriend whom he just can’t get over. He always calls out her name when he’s drunk.”

“What? Why do men always have roving eyes?” Freya gnashed her teeth at the thought of her own experience.

“By the way, you brought Patrick along to have dinner with your family last night, right? Why did you end up drinking?” Catherine began to feel puzzled all of a sudden. “Could it be that… Patrick stood you up?”

Freya bitterly said, “Linda met with an accident, and he went to look for her. He didn’t even give me a call. I’ve broken up with him as I’ve given up on him.”

“…D**n. What a total scumbag.”

Catherine insulted in a fit of rage. Suddenly, she sighed. “Fine. You caused me to end up divorced and you’re single now as well. I’ll just treat you as my company. Even if Patrick asks you to reconcile with him this time, don’t agree to get together with him again.”

“Yeah, of course. I’m the one who hurt you. As long as you’re not married, I won’t dare to get married. If none of the men is interested in you, we can engage in a l*****n relationship.”

“Get lost. I’m not interested in you.” Catherine, who was initially upset, did not know whether to cry or laugh at that moment.

The next morning.

The first thing Catherine did after she got up from bed was to prepare breakfast for Shaun.

The minute she walked out of the bedroom, she was stunned at the sight of the unfamiliar living room.

She forgot that Shaun had divorced her.

She did not need to wake up early to cook for him anymore. Moreover, it would not concern her when she went out since there would not be a bodyguard to keep an eye on her.

Indeed, she had been freed.

As the chairwoman of Hudson with a net worth of over 100 million dollars, she should be leading a life with the greatest freedom. She was supposed to be pleased about it, yet she could not feel the joy at all.

After breakfast, Catherine drove to the hospital to visit Wesley.

She had not visited him since the day he became unconscious.