Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2584

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2584 – Chester was sitting in a corner, wearing a black shirt and white pants. He wore glasses that accentuated his handsome aura.

It seemed as though he was the most elegant person among everyone present there. However, Catherine knew all the men there were not as much of a scumbag compared to Chester.

“Wifey, come here.” Shaun pulled a chair beside him. He asked gently, “What did you buy today? Do you have enough money?”

Chase tsked. “Your question is so weird. Would our mighty Miss Jones be short of money? Hey, didn’t you say the three of you were shopping? Why are there only two of you here?”

Freya said with a smile, “Eliza had something to do, so she didn’t come. Why? Are two beauties not enough for you?”

Chase did not know about Eliza and Chester. He laughed. “Both of you already have partners while I’m still single. You should introduce your good friend to me.”

Another friend said, “By Eliza, you mean the actress, right? She’s pretty famous. My mom likes the dramas she appears in a lot. It’d be nice to get to know her.”

“Hey, stand in line,” Chase warned on purpose.

“In my opinion, we should have President Jewell introduce the female celebrities in the entertainment industry to us,” another university friend said while laughing.

Chester, who had been smoking at the side, squinted his eyes. He spoke indifferently with his husky voice, “It’s better not to have a celebrity as your woman.”

“That’s right. Maybe they’re all leftovers from President Jewell.” A person laughed.

After the laughter subsided, the venue became silent.

That person saw everyone around him looking at him.

The smile on Catherine’s face disappeared. “Young Master Jacobs, my friend is in the entertainment industry. What do you mean by that?”

Young Master Jacobs’ face flushed red. “Sister-in-law, I wasn’t talking about Eliza. Who doesn’t know about Eliza? She’s pure and beautiful.”

Upon hearing the last three words, Chester chuckled lightly all of a sudden.

That ambiguous laugh made everyone startled.

Catherine and Freya were so angry that they had the urge to splash water on Chester’s face.

‘F*ck, why are you laughing? If it weren’t for you threatening Eliza with other people, she would never have gotten close to you.


Catherine smiled. “Young Master Jewell, why are you laughing? Is there something wrong?”


Everyone sensed that the atmosphere was off.

Shaun squeezed Catherine’s hand. He stared at Chester with a gaze of warning. “Don’t mind him. That’s how Chester’s personality is. He’s just a little weird. Let’s have supper.”

Chester flicked off some cigarette ashes. He pressed his lips together and did not say anything.

After he had some wine, he went to the bathroom with Chase. Then, Chase lowered his voice. “Is there something going on between you and Eliza?”

Other people most probably did not know Chester’s character well, but Chase did. Chester and Catherine had almost quarreled just now.

Chester had a cigarette between his lips. He glanced at Chase indifferently. “Brother, don’t even think of getting a woman in the entertainment industry. It’s okay to play around, though. You’re different from me.”

Chase frowned. “This is inappropriate. Since Eliza is friends with Cathy and the rest, she’s surely not a casual woman.”


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