Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 246

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 246 – That night, Shaun drank glass after glass of wine. Chase could not stop him.

Shaun’s alcohol tolerance was high, but he drank a lot tonight and surprisingly got a little drunk.

“I suddenly miss Sarah.”

He looked at the night outside the window and whispered, “Out of all the women around me, she was the only one who was wholehearted to me. There was no deception and no betrayal. Why did she have to d*e?”

Chase held his glass, a twinge of pain welling in his heart.

What others saw was the noble and mysterious Young Master Hill, but he knew that Shaun had grown up without his parents’ love. Inside, he was an extremely insecure person. Even when he was in kindergarten, those who approached him had hidden agendas, causing him to become very suspicious.

This time, Shaun was really hurt.

As his friend, Chase suddenly regretted calling him to Melbourne. He did not expect that Shaun’s heart, which had always been frozen, would suddenly be moved.

Chase accompanied him to drink until Shaun got drunk.

This was the second time Chase saw Shaun this drunk.

On the coffee table, the new phone vibrated constantly. Catherine was repeatedly calling Shaun.

Chase picked up the phone and answered the call. Catherine’s hoarse voice sounded from the other end. “Where are you? It’s already very late. Come home, yeah?”

“Shaun’s drunk.” Chase sighed.

“I’ll come pick him up right away,” Catherine quickly said.

“No need. You won’t be able to move him anyway. I’ll send him back myself.”

After the call ended, Catherine waited at the door.

It was snowing tonight, and snowflakes fluttered around outside, blanketing everything in white.

Half an hour later, Chase drove over in his car. He sighed softly when he saw the slender figure standing in the cold wind.

After the car was parked, Catherine opened the door to the back seat. It was her first time seeing Shaun so drunk. His handsome face clearly showed that he was intoxicated, and he seemed to have lost consciousness in the backseat.

She and Chase helped Shaun to the bedroom together. Catherine looked at Chase, feeling at a loss. “Young Master Harrison, thank you. I…”

“Well, Shaun told me to check on your case. I know you didn’t mean it.” Chase had a headache. He also did not know what to say. “I’ll go now.”

Catherine could see that Chase was treating her somewhat differently than before. He did not laugh and smile as he did to her in the past. She grew a little sad because of it. She knew that he did not want to talk to her much, but she could not help but ask, “Young Master Harrison, do you know what he thinks about this?”

“Rin, any man would be offended by that,” Chase said helplessly, “You should have told Shaun about this earlier. Now that it has become widely known, to be honest, it’s quite embarrassing.”

Catherine’s face paled. “Nothing happened between Wesley and me. It’s true.”

“It’s useless to tell me that. You need Shaun to believe you.”

Chase shook his head and left.

Catherine stood dumbfounded for a moment. She understood what Chase meant. Shaun did not believe her.

What should she do?

She was really in love with him now. She did not want to leave him.

She stared deeply at the man on the bed. It might be because he had drunk too much and did not feel well, so his stomach became uncomfortable as well. He kept rubbing his stomach. The heating was turned on in the room and he had not taken off his coat, so a layer of sweat soon formed on his forehead.