Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 245

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 245 – The crowd went silent. After half a minute of silence, General Manager Wolfe nodded. “We’ll do as Chairwoman Jones says.”

Soon, Husdon’s Facebook posted an update to the public.

[The photos were taken more than a month ago. Chairwoman Jones was framed and set up. Fortunately, Wesley Lyons appeared in time to save Chairwoman Jones, but nothing happened between the two parties. The two are still close friends now. We hope everyone will stop discussing the matter.]

Then, Wesley personally shared the post.

[At that time, Chairwoman Jones was drugged, but she quickly sobered up and soaked in a cold bath. She’s a very strong woman. I hope that people will not misunderstand and abuse her because of a few photos.]

After the post was uploaded, the effect was surprisingly good.

Many people praised Wesley for being warm and attentive, and Catherine for being strong and brave.

Some people even shipped them and told them to be lovers instead of friends. They said they were the most compatible pair in the business world.

In the law firm.

The office seemed to be overcast.

Shaun had spent the whole day on his phone. In the morning, everyone scolded Catherine, but the wind suddenly changed in the afternoon. Everyone clamored for Catherine to get together with Wesley.

He smashed his phone on the spot in anger. “Do people on the internet these days have nothing better to do? How are those two a good match? Are they blind?”

Hadley, who was standing at the side, glanced at the broken phone helplessly. He would have to buy a new phone again. How many phones had Shaun broken since coming to Melbourne?

“Young Master Hill, people on the internet are all very idle. Don’t mind them.”

Shaun narrowed his eyes. He did not want to, but he had read what the people said about Wesley Lyons having deep affections for Catherine, and Catherine having good feelings for Wesley. There were even people making up a bullsh*t love story about the two of them secretly loving each other.

Shaun’s belly b****d in anger. He sat down and opened his laptop, his fingers flying across the keyboard.

A few minutes later, Hadley found that the trending search had collapsed.

Awesome! Young Master Hill actually directly hacked the servers.

“Shaun…” The office door suddenly pushed open and Chase entered. When he saw Shaun who looked like he was the king of the Underworld, he shivered. “I did some checking. That night, Rebecca Jones did bring a few people and appeared in that clubhouse. At that time, she also instructed the manager of the clubhouse that no one is allowed to go into the room she booked.”

Shaun narrowed his eyes. It seemed like Catherine was indeed set up.

However, the way she had kissed Wesley so passionately still made him angry.

“Have you found out when Catherine and Wesley left?”

“In the morning,” Chase coughed softly and said in a low voice, “They went out in the morning after changing clothes.”

When the words sounded, Shaun smashed the computer directly.

A man and a woman in a room together, and the woman was even fed d***s. How was he supposed to believe that nothing happened between Wesley and her?

Chase looked at him sympathetically. To be honest, he also did not quite believe that Catherine was innocent.

“Well… Catherine is also a victim in this… I heard that Rebecca Jones brought two bodyguards at that time. If Wesley Lyons hadn’t appeared, the consequences might have been worse.”

“What do you mean? Are you saying I should be thankful to Wesley Lyons?”

Shaun’s cold eyes swept over. “In the end, she’s the stupid one. She keeps falling for the Jones family’s tricks time and again. Afterward, she even tried to deceive me and became friends with Wesley. She’s treating me like a fool”

Chase scratched the tip of his nose. “Anyway, I’ve already checked it for you. It’s up to you if you want to break up with her or not.”

Shaun had nowhere to vent his irritation and lit up a cigarette. “Come have a few drinks with me tonight.”