Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 240

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 240 – Jeffery shivered when the cold wind blew in. For the first time, a sense of regret rose in his heart.

It had clearly been a good home. How did it shatter in just three months?

The next day, Jeffery received a call that he had been expelled from the board of directors in Hudson.

He rushed to the company in a fit of anger, but the security guard at the door would not let him in at all and kicked him out.

With nowhere else to go, Jeffery got drunk at the bar and only went back at midnight.

On this night, he drunkenly pushed open the villa door. There were no lights inside, and the cold moonlight seeped in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

There was a wheelchair in the middle of the living room, and on it sat an elderly woman with a hunched back and scattered hair. The figure looked particularly horrifying.

Jeffery was so scared that his legs went weak. He turned and tried to run.

However, the door slammed shut behind him, and the living room became darker.

“Mom…” Jeffery kneeled on the ground in fright, shaking like a leaf.

“Son, why are you so scared of me?”

The wheelchair slowly slid forward, and the old woman’s voice sounded.

Jeffery crawled back in h****r. “Mom, Mom, don’t come over. Please, it wasn’t me who harmed you. You got the wrong person.”

“It wasn’t you who harmed me?” The old woman’s eerie laughter echoed in the living room. “You did it for the shares and for money. But why did you harm me? Didn’t I take care of you since you were young? The afterworld doesn’t want to accept me, so I can only come back to find you. Son…”

The wheelchair was getting closer and closer. Jeffery kneeled on the ground and bowed hard, tears and snot running down his face. “Mom, I was wrong. I was wrong. I became obsessed, but I didn’t want to hurt you. It was Sally. Sally was the one who smothered you with the pillow. Go to her instead.

“If you didn’t agree, would she have k****d me?” The old woman laughed and cried at the same time.

“Mom, I’m sorry.” Jeffery burst into tears, feeling at a loss. “I was encouraged by that mother-and-daughter duo. I didn’t want to do it. Mom, I’m sorry. Please let me go.”

“Since you know you’re in the wrong, I’ll take you away now.”

The old woman’s hand grabbed him, but Jeffery was too scared to move. A wet spot seeped from his crotch as he peed himself.

The lights suddenly came on.

Several police officers came out of the kitchen, and the old woman in the wheelchair took off her wig before standing up.

Jeffery was stunned and shuddered. “Aunty Wendy…”

“Mr. Jones, someone reported that you’re suspected of murdering Old Madam Jones. The police are now officially arresting you.” The officer took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed him.

“No, no…” Jeffery made a strong effort to hide. “I drank too much. I was just talking nonsense.”

“Uncle, I’ve recorded every word you said.” Catherine walked out with a phone. Her face was full of grief. “You were grandma’s only son. She was so good to you and painstakingly raised you, but in the end, you conspired with others to k**l her. Do you still remember how she died? Don’t you ever get nightmares? Doesn’t your conscience hurt?”

“Don’t say anymore…”

Jeffery had already drunk a lot of alcohol. Coupled with how he had just suffered a fright, his mind was about to collapse.

Catherine said coldly, “I’ve already collected a lot of evidence. If you don’t want to d*e in j**l, you’d better give an honest account. Otherwise, Sally Lennon will definitely try to escape charges in court later.”

Jeffery did not believe her. “What evidence did you collect?”

“Grandma was treated in the hospital, and the hospital has her medical records. The doctor said that although Grandma was p*******d at that time, it was impossible for her to have died so suddenly. There’s also Aunty Helen who you later hired to take care of Grandma. She’s willing to appear in court now…”