Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 235

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 235 – “This kind of person is terrifying indeed. He actually sent his girlfriend to another man for the sake of achieving his goal.”

“Luckily, I didn’t approve it when the Campbell family wanted to have a blind date with my daughter.”

“Yeah. It’s disgusting how he usually acts like a gentleman. I’d better stay away from the Campbell family in the future.”

“He might have sent Janet to s********h a man too.”

“That’s possible. I initially had feelings for Janet, but I shall just forget about it. I don’t want to be cuckolded.”

In the face of the public’s criticisms, Janet was so upset that she screamed, “Who did this? It has nothing to do with me!”

Janet and Stephen, who felt smug at first, were deeply embarrassed at the moment.

When Ethan was getting ready to leave, his handsome face turned pale. He thought that he was already aware of Rebecca’s true colors. Little did he know that she was much more disgusting than he had imagined her to be. How many men had she actually been with?

The moment he recalled being in a relationship with her previously, he felt the urge to vomit.

Ethan was surrounded by the guests beside him who were watching the drama.

“I heard that he dumped Catherine for the sake of Rebecca back then.”

“He was probably lured in by Rebecca’s use of devious tactics. I didn’t expect Young Master Lowe to be interested in this kind of woman.”

“Exactly. Rebecca is such a p*****t. I wonder if Young Master Lowe was also into this kind of stuff back then?”


As his girlfriend, Tracy could not stand the comments, so she turned around and left.

Unable to describe his pain using words, Ethan quickly went after her.

Before he left, he caught sight of Catherine glancing at him sympathetically and sarcastically. At that instant, he seemed to have understood everything.

Perhaps this was the last punishment and misery she would inflict on him.

She had succeeded. From this moment onward, he would feel like vomiting whenever he thought of Rebecca.

What a way to k**l three birds with one stone.

Catherine was totally satisfied with the outcome.

Rebecca’s shameless behavior was exposed to all the powerful figures in Melbourne. It was good for her since she enjoyed reaching greater heights and seducing men.

Not a single man would be bold enough to marry her in the future.

“Are you done looking at it?”

Gritting his teeth, Shaun spoke into Catherine’s ear. He covered her eyes and said in an icy tone, “This is what you meant by a good show, huh? I just warned you last night not to look at other men’s bodies except for mine.”

An air of grimness enveloped Catherine and caused her to shudder. She was then struck by a thought. “I didn’t censor it. Elle was the one who did it.”

“Do you think I’ll buy it? Are you questioning my IQ?” Shaun scoffed.

Catherine was at a loss for words.

“I’ll deal with you when we return home,” Shaun warned her fiercely.

Shortly afterward, the employee turned off the screen as soon as he regained his senses.

However, almost the entire video had been played. It had destroyed Rebecca’s and Stephen’s reputations.

Satisfied, Catherine walked to the car park with Shaun.

“Stop there!”