Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 226

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 226 – “I know. I don’t need you to tell me.” Willie’s gaze rested on Catherine.

Catherine’s heart did a flip. She quickly took out her phone and swung it as a reminder for him. “Young Master Hill, you—”

“Miss Jones, regarding last night’s incident, it was my fault.” Willie strode toward her and expressed his sincere apologies.

The crowd was speechless.

Catherine was at a loss for words as well.

She was totally stunned. D**n, using his indecent photos to threaten him actually worked.

It turned out that Shaun was right.

The Hill family was most concerned about their dignity? They could not afford to lose it?

Rebecca and Jeffery rubbed their eyes hard. They seriously doubted if their eyes were deceiving them.

“Young Master Hill, I think you’re mistaken.” Rebecca summoned up her courage again and tugged the hem of Willie’s shirt. “Did you forget that last night—”

“Just zip it!”

Feeling impatient, Willie gave Rebecca a kick. “I accidentally offended you after getting drunk last night, Miss Jones. I’m sorry for behaving abruptly and presumptuously. I’m a scumbag who doesn’t deserve to be a human. Luckily, you woke me up by beating me, or I would’ve ruined the Hill family’s reputation and felt sorry to my ancestors.”


The crowd gasped and felt that the world had turned into a fantasy.

Catherine blinked and stared at Willie intently. Was it the stun gun from last night that had damaged Young Master Hill’s brain?

She vividly remembered that he was not drunk last night.

Even though she had the photos to threaten him, he did not need to behave so submissively.

Director Irvine was at his wits’ end. “But we…”

“By the way, how dare you guys dismiss her from the chairwoman position and kick her out of the board of directors?!”

Willie’s eyes hardened as he glared at the directors. “Are you guys under the impression that you’re too old and can’t wait to retire? Or are you guys hoping for Hudson to close down?”

The directors trembled and did not feel that they were old enough to retire yet. They still planned on working for another ten to 20 years in the industry.

“Young Master Hill, it was very immature of us,” Director Irvine immediately said with a quivering voice, “She didn’t get dismissed from her position. She’s still the chairwoman, and this will never change.”

Jeffery’s body quaked. Overwhelmed by a sense of incredulity, he roared in agitation. “What are you bullsh*tting, Seth Irvine? You guys chose me as the chairman this morning!”

Director Levy glanced at him exasperatedly. “You and your daughter were the ones who claimed that Miss Jones offended Young Master Hill. We can’t do anything now.”


“Everyone knows that you’re d***g to become the chairman, but you shouldn’t have taken things too far while disregarding your dignity.”

“After all, Catherine is part of the Jones family. You shouldn’t have acted so cruelly.”

The shareholders began to tell Jeffery off.

Jeffery and Rebecca appeared to have fallen from heaven to h**l. In a fit of rage, Jeffery screamed at Rebecca, “What on earth is going on?!”

Rebecca was the one who said that she had Willie eating out of her hand. She was the one who said that Willie would assist them. She was the one who said that Willie hated Catherine so much that he could not wait to k**l her.

“I don’t know.” Rebecca was dazed, wondering why everything had completely changed overnight.

With an imploring look, her eyes settled on Willie. “Young Master Hill, did Catherine bewitch you or something? Didn’t you say that… you’re quite fond of me?”