Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 225

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 225 – “I knew Young Master Hill would do something about it.” Jeffery pointed at Catherine and told her off, “Look, Young Master is here now. You’d better settle it on your own.”

“Don’t ever go against him.” Rebecca tried to kick her when she was down. “If you offend Young Master Hill again, even I won’t be able to calm him down on your behalf.”

“Let’s just seize her and bring her downstairs.” Jeffery’s suggestion was instantly approved by many.

Four to five security officers immediately walked toward Catherine. With a frown, Elle blocked them in front of Catherine. “If you guys dare touch her, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“What are you guys waiting for? Seize the two of them right now.” Jeffery still resented Elle for kicking him the other day. Now came the chance to take revenge on her.

When Catherine realized that they were going to get into a fight, she dragged Elle away. “It’s fine. You don’t have to seize me. I’ll go there on my own.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she was the first to leave the meeting room.

Rebecca suggested, “Let’s go and have a look as well. It’s better to keep an eye on her.”

“True. Anyway, we have to stop her from offending Young Master Hill further.”

Everyone went downstairs too.

They walked to the reception room below.

Wrapped in a thick down jacket, Young Master Hill was huddled up while holding a cup of hot coffee. From the pale look on his handsome face, it was apparent that he had caught a cold and fallen sick.

When Catherine thought about the scene of Willie lying on the floor of the restroom with his clothes stripped off last night, she was not sure how long he had suffered the cold. He probably caught a cold because of that incident, which made her feel rather uneasy deep down. She honestly felt that a shameless person like Willie might not be bothered about the photos.

Catherine was not worried about herself since she did not have any relatives either. There was nothing else she was concerned about, except that Shaun might be dragged into the mess.

“I’m deeply sorry, Young Master Hill.” Jeffery strode toward him and then brown-nosed by apologizing to him first. “I hope you’ll be generous enough to forgive us. Don’t sink to our level.”

”Exactly.” Director Irvine immediately added, “We’ve dismissed Catherine from the chairwoman position and kicked her out of the board of directors.”

Young Master Hill was frozen stiff, and his heart was shaking violently. He raised his head with bloodshot eyes. “She’s not the chairwoman anymore?”


Jeffery courteously said, “It’s because she offended you. We didn’t think Catherine would be bold enough to lock you in the restroom and seduce you. That was very shameless of her.”

Of course, Jeffery was well aware of the truth. However, in order to give Willie a way out, he made an accusation against Catherine while believing that Willie would thank him.

Just as he was imagining the end result complacently, Willie gave him a furious glare.

Before Jeffery could regain his senses, Willie raised his leg and kicked him viciously.

“Who asked you guys to dismiss her from the position? Who said that she seduced me? You guys are trying to cause me trouble!”

Willie violently kicked Jeffery on his body. He had come a bit too late to save the situation. If Shaun found out about it, he would probably lose his life.

Everyone was shocked to the core, and so was Catherine.

Rebecca let out a shriek. She swiftly ran toward Willie and held his arm. “Stop kicking him, Young Master Hill. This is my dad—”

“Shut the fck up, btch!”

Willie slapped her in the face, and she subsequently fell to the ground. “It’s all your doing. F*ck! What I regret most is being associated with you.”

If it had not been for Rebecca, Willie would not have provoked Catherine, followed by Shaun. Despite being injured, he was exposed to the wind on the balcony for the entirety of last night. Frozen stiff, he nearly had the urge of jumping off the building to end his suffering.

“What are you doing, Young Master Hill?”

Rebecca felt dizzy upon being slapped in public.

When she was with Willie, that p*****t, these days, she ingratiated herself with him every day. She even served him in different ways when sleeping with him. She did these with the sole purpose of helping herself and Jeffery to turn things around in the company.

Before she could make Catherine learn her lesson, however, she was beaten instead. Feeling aggrieved, Rebecca wept. “Young Master Hill, it was Catherine. She was the one who hurt you.”