Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 223

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 223 – With a somber expression, Shaun trampled Willie’s chest. “Recently, you seem quite awe-inspiring in Melbourne, huh? With your peculiar hobby, how dare you kick up a fuss in Melbourne? You might not care about losing your reputation, but the Hill family does. You actually treat yourself as the boss of the Hill family, huh?”

“Brother Shaun, I know it’s my fault. I won’t do it again,” Willie kept begging him in fear.

“No. I do think that you’re pretty bold. You even dare to attempt getting a piece of my woman’s affection.” Shaun scoffed grimly.

Willie was stunned. “Rebecca is your woman?”

“I wouldn’t be interested in that kind of woman.” Shaun slowly bent over and squatted. His eyes suddenly turned frosty.

Struck by a thought, Willie asked incredulously, “Are you referring to… Catherine…?”

“It’s good that you remember her. I don’t wish to find out that I wronged an innocent person only after dealing with you.” Shaun straightened up.

Willie was aware of the tactic Shaun was going to use. Petrified, he immediately crawled up with difficulty. He kneeled on the floor and bowed to Shaun. “Sorry, Brother Shaun! I really didn’t know. It’s my fault. I was blind. Please let me off the hook…”

Shaun kicked him viciously to the wall. Willie spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Since you can’t control this body part of yours, let me ruin it for you.” Shaun strode toward him.

“No.” Willie quaked in his boots. “Brother Shaun, I’ll never do it again. If you ruin it, my grandma will be heartbroken as she’s fond of me. Also, Grandpa will get mad.”

“Well, tell me what I can do to blow off some steam.” Shaun stepped heavily on his crotch.

Tears rolled down Willie’s face due to the pain. Clutching the bottom of Shaun’s trousers, he begged, “No, no. You can beat me however you want. I’ll drop to my knees and ask for Miss Jones’ forgiveness tomorrow.”

“Alright. Remember what you said.”

Shaun turned his head around and said to his subordinate, “Since he enjoys womanizing, take off his clothes and send him to the balcony. Expose him to the wind for a night.”

A shiver ran down Willie’s spine. Before this, Catherine had stripped off his clothes and left him lying on the floor of the restroom for half an hour, causing him to catch a cold. Worse still, he was going to get exposed to the wind for a night. It was now midnight and zero degrees outside. The two of them were indeed cruel.

“Brother Shaun, I’ll freeze to d***h.”

“Don’t worry. Considering that you’re my cousin, I won’t let you d*e. The ambulance is on standby downstairs. You’ll immediately be rescued when you’re left with your last breath.”

Shaun patted his shoulder while reminding him in a gentle voice. With that, he turned around and walked away.

Willie was on the verge of falling apart. He swore that he would not provoke Catherine anymore.

8:00 a.m.

When Catherine was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, she received a call from Chris.

“Catherine, the directors want to hold an emergency general meeting this morning.”

“They’re claiming that you beat up Young Master Hill last night, so they’re requesting you to be dismissed from your position as the chairman.”

“Also, if you don’t kneel and apologize to Young Master Hill, they’re going to kick you out of the board of directors as well.”

Catherine immediately removed her apron. “I’m coming now.”

Upon hanging up, she headed toward the door like the wind.

“Where’s my breakfast?”

Dressed in black pajamas, Shaun happened to be walking downstairs lazily while yawning. No matter what he wore, he was a sight for sore eyes due to his strong physique.

“Something came up in the company. Aunty Linda is going to prepare it for you.” Catherine swiftly changed her shoes and rushed out of the villa.

Shaun’s brows furrowed deeply. It had been a long time since he last had the breakfast prepared by her.