Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 221

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 221 – In the villa.

Shaun, who was having a video meeting in the study, heard the sound of a car from downstairs. He rose to his feet with his slender figure. “This plan isn’t feasible. Come up with another one.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he disconnected from the meeting and headed downstairs.

Muddle-headed, Catherine walked in through the door. She even forgot to change her shoes.

Shaun narrowed his eyes and gazed at her long black dress. Her snowy arms and half of her calves were revealed.

With a frown, he swiftly took off his coat and put it on her body. As he shifted his eyes downward, he suddenly noticed a snag on the hem.

“Why is your dress snagged?” His black eyes were fixed on her.

Only when she looked down did she notice it. Perhaps the dress had caught on something sharp when she crawled out of the window from the restroom just now.

“I accidentally snagged it.” Catherine averted her eyes, not wanting him to know that she had provoked Willie.

Shaun was just a lawyer, and he could not afford to offend the Hill family.

“You have the bad habit of looking away from me every time you lie.” Shaun held her slim waist tightly, his dark eyes conveying a stronger sense of fierceness. “You attended the anniversary celebration tonight, didn’t you? Who bullied you?”

“Nobody bullied me. Come on, who could bully me when I’m the chairwoman? I’m going to take a shower.” Catherine pushed him away and went upstairs.

“Don’t get on my nerves, Catherine.” Shaun dragged her toward him again. “Look how uneasy you are at the moment. You’d better explain to me if you treat me as your man.”

Catherine pouted, and her eyes reddened in spite of herself. “I offended someone whom I shouldn’t have offended in the whole of Melbourne. Shaunny, if… If… that person targets me, don’t ever think about helping me. You’d better deny all connections with me.”

Shaun raised his brows. “Who on earth are you referring to?”

“Willie from the Hill family.”

Shaun was at a loss for words.

Haha, interesting. Since when did Willie, that dumb*ss, become someone who clearly could not be offended? Was Shaun not considered a person?

“Are you shocked to the core?” Catherine realized that he was quiet, so she immediately comforted him. “But don’t worry. Fortunately, I had a stun gun with me when he tried to bully me in the restroom. I e**********d and even beat him up. Then, I stripped off his clothes and took photos of him…”

“You stripped off his clothes?”

Shaun’s eyes expressed grimness, causing the surrounding atmosphere to turn cold all of a sudden.

“Uh… I was just trying to threaten him.” At a loss, Catherine explained, “I was left with no choice. Don’t you think I’m quite smart?”


Shaun took a deep breath, afraid that he would go mad. “So you saw it?”

Under the man’s dangerous gaze, Catherine scratched her head and coughed lightly. “No. It’s disgusting. He’s just skin and bones, and his physique isn’t as great as yours either. In contrast, you’re tall and well-built. When I look at you, I’m besotted with you. Glancing at you the second time will sweep me off—”

“I sweep you off your feet?” Shaun’s black eyes sparkled as he wore a discreet smile.


Catherine felt like biting her tongue. Feeling helpless, she said, “Now is not the time to discuss this matter.”

“Pass me your phone.” Shaun extended his hand toward her.

She immediately passed her phone to him. When Shaun looked at the photos, he turned increasingly somber. A moment later, he forwarded the photos to himself and removed all of them from her phone.

“Hey, why did you delete them…” Catherine was uneasy.

“As a woman, aren’t you ashamed of keeping another man’s photos in your phone?” Staring at her fiercely, he warned, “You actually took the photos with such clear quality!”