Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 218

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 218 – Having noticed Catherine earlier, Willie stared at her passionately. He never knew that a woman with such dazzling good looks existed in Melbourne. Her beauty was considered one of a kind even if she were in Canberra.

“Hi, Miss Jones.”

Willie stretched out his hand light-heartedly. Catherine was also astonished that Rebecca had managed to take advantage of someone from the Hill family.

Catherine had no choice but to extend her hand reluctantly, knowing that she could not afford to provoke him.

Who knew after Willie held her hand, he flirtatiously drew circles on her palm using his little finger.

A slight change was visible in Catherine’s expression. She attempted to shrink away from his touch, yet he deliberately tightened his grip on her hand.

“Miss Jones, how long are you planning to hold my hand?” Willie smiled discreetly.

Rebecca immediately pursed her lips and exclaimed, “What are you doing, Catherine?”

The reporters who stood at the edge of the red carpet took photos of the three of them right away. With the two sisters from the Jones family fighting over a member of the Hill family, it was going to make a piece of fabulous news.

“I’d like to know what I did as well.” With a calm demeanor, Catherine was neither overbearing nor self-effacing. “Are you guys under the impression that I, as the person in charge of Hudson, would seduce my cousin’s boyfriend so shamelessly? Oh no, he’s not even your boyfriend. As far as I recall, Stephen is your boyfriend, isn’t he?”

The reporters began to exclaim.

“Really? Stephen is actually Rebecca’s boyfriend? But why did she show up with Willie today?”

“Now that she met Willie, could it be that she’s trying to dump Stephen?”

“That’s possible. She was Ethan’s fiancée previously, but once Ethan was met with hard times, she immediately accused him of cheating.”

“How disgusting! Willie actually has an interest in this kind of woman?”

Rebecca’s face went as white as a sheet of paper at that moment. Willie did not realize that she was associated with so much negative news. He ended up getting himself into trouble.

Undisturbed, Catherine forcefully broke free from Willie’s grasp and swung her arm in pain. “You held my hand so tightly that it hurts, Young Master Hill.”

Her hand, which was originally fair, had become red at that point.

As the reporters moved closer, they could see her red skin clearly. Willie’s eyes flashed with disdain right away. They did not expect a person from the Hill family to be so shameless.

Willie had always been flattered by others. It was his first time being humiliated by a woman in public. His eyes conveyed a hint of hostility, but he smiled weakly.

“Sorry for being abrupt.”

He walked toward Catherine with his long legs and whispered to her, “I’ll remember you, Catherine.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he went straight into the hotel.

With that, Rebecca quickly went after him.

As Catherine watched Willie’s back, she felt as if she had been targeted by a venomous snake. She had a sinking feeling.

When Willie took the elevator up, his face was set in a grim expression.

Struck by an idea, Rebecca said with a sigh, “Young Master Hill, I hope you don’t mind. My sister is taking advantage of the fact that she’s the chairwoman to act unscrupulously.”

“Who is she to do that? She’s merely a chairwoman of a real estate company.” Willie was smoldering with fury.

“Of course, she’s nothing compared to you. It’s probably because my sister has a boyfriend, and she’s intensely loyal to him.” After spending a few days with Willie, Rebecca was aware of his peculiar hobby.

Sure enough, Willie’s eyes expressed his interest the minute he heard that.

He had a strong liking to women who had been taken as snatching them gave him a thrill. What was more, considering Catherine’s fiery manner just now, she resembled a thorny rose and looked much prettier than Rebecca.

Upon noticing the sense of fascination in his eyes, Rebecca smiled and said, “I can get her to s********h you as long as you want to.”

Haha! Having been living like a dog recently, Rebecca wanted Catherine to experience it as well.

“You’re such an evil woman.” Willie shot her an icy glare.

“Your joy is all that matters. Don’t you want to teach her a lesson?” Rebecca asked charmingly.

Willie raised his brows. He lit a cigarette and then said wickedly, “Those who betrayed me have all ended in an awful state.”