Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 214

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 214 – “I don’t care. You have to go there, or I’m going to get mad and ignore you.” Catherine wore a big pout.

Her unreasonable manner made Shaun speechless.

With that, he walked over there and reluctantly took a seat.

Ten minutes later, Catherine held a family bucket meal, which included fries, spicy chicken burgers, and ice cream.

“Eat this chicken burger. It’s yummy.” Catherine recommended it to him with enthusiasm.

“Let me show you something.” Shaun took out his phone and swiped to a page displaying negative news about KFC. Then, he passed it to her.

After glancing at the picture featuring a chicken that consists of a few pairs of wings and over ten legs, Catherine was filled with disgust. “Shaun, can you not be a wet blanket?”

“This kind of stuff contains large amounts of toxic ingredients. After today, you’re not allowed to have this type of food anymore. You’re not even a kid.” Shaun was determined.

Catherine could not be bothered about him. She lowered her head and gobbled the chicken wings. After eating two pairs of them, she found that some tasted quite bad, so she stuffed them into Shaun’s mouth instead.

With his mouth abruptly stuffed with food, Shaun threw a grim stare at her.

Catherine acted in a self-righteous manner. “Aren’t boyfriends supposed to eat whatever their girlfriends dislike? Look at the couple beside us. That’s what they’re doing too.”

The young couple seated beside them were just college students. After the girl had a few bites of the burger, she passed it to her boyfriend. “It doesn’t taste good. You can have it.”

The boyfriend replied, “Can I say no?”

The girlfriend snorted coquettishly. “Why can’t you have the burger I’ve bitten into? You find me repulsive, huh? Don’t you love me?”

Shaun was at a loss for words.

Catherine, who sat opposite him, cupped her face while staring at him. “How I admire them. I’ve always wanted to be in a relationship like that.”

“Shut up.”

Gritting his teeth, Shaun took the remaining chicken nugget from her hand and bit it.

At this point, he still could not fathom her at all. She used to obey him, but why was there such a profound change in her now?

What was worse, he was fine with it.

After that, he finished the leftover fries, burgers, and even ice cream.

Little did they realize that someone had secretly snapped a photo of them and posted it in the lawyers’ group chat.

Chase was having a steak in a western restaurant when he saw the photo. He almost choked on the steak.

He quickly saved the photo and shared it to the group chat he was in with his buddies.

Chester: [Are my eyes deceiving me? How could Shaun possibly enter KFC?]

Rodney: [D**n! What a rare sight of Shaun eating nuggets. Is this even Shaun?]

Chase: [Nooooo. This is real. A colleague from our company took his daughter there and spotted him joyfully eating KFC with Cathy.]

Chester: [That’s really miserable, Shaun. When you come back, I’ll treat you to a top-notch Japanese meal.]

Rodney: [I agree. Come back quickly, Shaun. I’ll ask one of the premier chefs in the world to serve you.]

Chase: [I dare bet $5 that Shaun can’t be bothered about you guys. I’m sure he won’t mind trying jalapeno poppers as long as Cathy is by his side.]

Only when Shaun left the restaurant did he become aware of the fuss in the group chat. His face darkened, and he rubbed his temples.

“Thank you, Shaunny. I had a delightful dinner today.”

After they got into the car, Catherine approached him and kissed him on the lips. Her clear black eyes conveyed a sense of happiness and romance.