Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 211

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 211 – In just a week, Deputy Manager Wolfe swiftly reorganized everything in Hudson. He expelled those from the top management who were against Catherine.

As for Rebecca, she was fired as well.

However, she did not know about the huge issue going on out there.

When she was in the detention center, the prisoners beat her and poured cold water on her every day. Due to this, her skin was thoroughly damaged.

After Rebecca suffered for seven to eight days, Jeffery strenuously saved her from the detention center after spending ten million dollars.

She came out being carried.

Upon noticing her swollen face, Sally hugged her and wept bitterly.

“My darling, what happened to you? Who beat you? I won’t let the person off the hook.”

“Dad, Mom, you must take revenge on my behalf. It hurts really badly… Boo-hoo.”

Rebecca’s face hurt so badly that she could not even look up.

Rebecca’s swollen face filled Stephen with disgust. This woman was increasingly far from presentable.

“Don’t worry, good girl. Your dad will definitely get back at those people for hurting you.”

Jeffery flew into a rage. When he turned around, he noticed that Stephen remained still. He said furiously, “Stephen, hurry up and carry her. She needs to be sent to the hospital right now.”

“Okay, okay.” Stephen acted on Jeffery’s instruction reluctantly. Ever since Rebecca got into the detention center, she had never taken a bath. The nasty smell that emanated from her nearly made him puke.

At that point, he deeply regretted it. If he had known earlier that this would happen, he would not have come.

In the hospital.

With red eyes, Rebecca ordered the doctor, “Give me the best medicine. I need to recover within the next three days and get back to the office.”

“Sorry, we don’t have such medicine.” The doctor rejected her.

“What the h**l do you guys do here then? Such a bunch of useless people. Mom, I want to transfer to another hospital. I want to recover as soon as possible and return to the office to deal with Catherine.”

With a swollen face, Rebecca looked even more hideous when she was exasperated.

Suppressing his disgust for Rebecca, Stephen said, “You can’t return to the office anymore. You’ve been fired.”

“What?” Rebecca widened her eyes as she found it unbelievable. “Is Catherine out of her mind? How dare she fire me?! Did General Manager Chaplin give his approval for this?”

Jeffery frowned and replied in annoyance, “Larry is crippled and is now in the ward located below. He can’t be discharged in the next ten days or even half a month. Currently, Freddie Wolfe is in charge of the whole organization. Catherine promoted him to the general manager position.”

Rebecca was dumbfounded to learn how drastically things had changed when she was only in the detention center for a few days. “This is impossible. Was she the one who got someone to beat up General Manager Chaplin? Have you called the police?”

“No.” While gnashing his teeth, Jeffery added, “It was a bunch of women who were abandoned by their husbands who beat up Larry. I heard that it was because they were infuriated to know that Larry betrayed his wife. Larry is now in deep waters, while those from the top management whom we bribed are all too afraid to offend Catherine. ”

Rebecca went mad. “Is there no justice?”

“Catherine has totally changed. We spent years raising her for nothing,” Sally said resentfully, “Jeffery, you must take revenge on behalf of Rebecca and regain power in Hudson.”

Over the past few days, Sally enjoyed being fawned over by many rich women. She did not want to go back to those days when she was not.