Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 206

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 206 – “No, answer me.” Catherine saw his expression and felt sour. She turned off the stove and pouted angrily. “If you don’t answer me, I won’t cook dumplings for you.”

“I’ve only dated once.” Shaun did not expect her to be so jealous and was speechless.

“Do you still have some feelings for her? Your face when you mention her is strange.”

Catherine chatted on. Her happy mood dissipated immediately.

“She’s d**d.” Shaun frowned.

Catherine froze, suddenly not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry.”

“Stop bringing up the past. Didn’t you also date Ethan Lowe before?” Shaun reminded gloomily.

Catherine could not say anything and simply turned on the stove again obediently.

Shaun stuffed the card back into her pocket and went out.

Only in hindsight did Catherine remember that she had asked him to cut the ingredients but he simply left. Scoundrel! Slacker!

After dinner, Catherine pestered him to take out the agreement. Shaun could not win against her and could only take it out.

“You can tear it up, but you still can’t contact anyone from the opposite s*x like Wesley Lyons or Ethan Lowe. You have to come home on time too. You’re not allowed to stay out late,” Shaun reminded calmly, “Also, you’re not allowed to leave me.”

“Yes, yes, I know already. You’re so handsome. How would I be willing to leave you? There’s a solid foundation of love between us now.”

Catherine took the initiative to sit on his lap and k**s him.

Shaun’s mood was lifted, and he gave her the contract.

Catherine b****d the agreement, and the large stone that had been weighing on her heart seemed to have finally lifted.

The whole night, she twittered in front of him.

Shaun also felt that he was much more lively now. Seeing her like this, he suddenly felt that it really did not matter if the agreement was burnt.

In the next two days that Catherine went to the company, none of the executives came to see her. No one reported anything about the company to her either.

Most of what she learned came from Kacey’s mouth. No one in the company seemed to take her seriously as the chairwoman.

At noon, she went to the cafeteria for lunch, but even after waiting for 20 minutes in the private room, no one served the food.

Kacey went to talk to the person in charge of the cafeteria and came back in about five minutes, huffing angrily. “They’re too much. Those dishes were clearly ordered by you, but they ended up in Jeffery Jones and General Manager Chaplin’s room next door.”

“They’re next door?” Catherine narrowed her eyes.

“Yes,” Kacey said angrily, “The people in the cafeteria are all fluttering around them.”

Catherine’s mood was complicated. She did not expect that Jeffery had even won over the cafeteria staff.

“Forget it, I won’t eat anymore. Go back upstairs and order take-out.”

Catherine stood up and went out. She then saw Rebecca standing by the door with a mocking expression. “Chairwoman Jones, it seems that being a chairwoman isn’t that fun. You came to the company to eat but there’s not a single person here to greet you, so you have to order take-out. You poor thing.”

Catherine gave Elle a look.

Without a word, Elle went up and slapped Rebecca across the face, causing her cheek to immediately swell up.