Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 204

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 204 – “Tell me about General Manager Chaplin.”

Kacey nodded. “General Manager Chaplin has held an important position in the company for ten years. During his tenure, he increased the company’s profits by 10%, and the shareholders are very satisfied with him. If… If Chairman Jones wants to fire him, I’m afraid it’ll cause strong dissatisfaction among the shareholders.”

“Alright, I understand. You can go out first.”

Catherine fell silent.

Next, she went to inspect the major departments of the company.

Even until late evening, none of the senior management had come over.

When it was dark, Catherine said to Elle, “Do me a favor and hire a private detective. I want to find out about something.”

7:00 p.m.

Catherine went back to the villa with a pile of documents in her hands.

Shaun sat in the living room wearing casual clothes with his arms crossed. He looked like a big shot, listening to Hadley as he reported something to him respectfully from the side.

Catherine changed her shoes and went inside. Shaun turned around, and his delicate lips curved downward. “Chairwoman Jones is finally willing to come back.”

“I’ve been working overtime at the company. Have you eaten?” Catherine saw his displeasure and explained helplessly.

Shaun pursed his lips but did not speak. Aunty Linda came out to explain, “Young Master Hill doesn’t like the food I make. He wants the food you cook.”

Catherine sighed speechlessly. She sat beside him tiredly and leaned on his shoulder. “I’m tired after working all day and don’t want to move. My mind is spent too. Aunty Linda’s cooking is similar to mine, so just try it.”

“Why, did things not go well?” Shaun turned to look at her. Her hair brushed against the top of his nose, making him smell a faint fragrance.

“Mmh, those high-level executives don’t take me seriously at all. There are still hard battles to fight.” The more Catherine spoke, the more she sank into the feeling of leaning against him. It was peaceful not having to think about anything.

Shaun frowned before saying to Hadley, “Go to the company tomorrow and help her tidy things up. Make sure they become obedient within the day.”

“Understood,” Hadley immediately answered. He was the assistant of the top millionaire of the country. This much was a piece of cake.

However, Catherine hurriedly said, “No. Although Hadley is usually very capable, he’s just your assistant and doesn’t know anything about the company. He’ll be eaten by that gang of people until not even his bones will remain.

Hadley, who had always only eaten people so that none of their bones remained, “…”

This was the best joke he heard all year.

“I appreciate your good intentions,” Catherine said sincerely, “I also found the reason why you were injured at the construction site last time. I’ll definitely take revenge for you.”

“…Fine. My woman is really capable.” Shaun rubbed her hair. “You’re hungry, so go eat.”

“What about you?”

“I’m fine.”

Catherine watched him fixedly for a while. There was no helping it. She had no choice but to go to the kitchen and cook something for him to eat.

Hadley watched her figure disappear before continuing, “In a few days, Willie Hill will be visiting Melbourne. The forces here already know about it. I’m afraid it’ll cause a commotion.”

“He’s just a piece of trash. Only a place like this will treat him like a treasure,” Shaun sneered.

“Do you want to arrange a meeting?” Hadley asked.

“No. He doesn’t deserve it yet.”

Shaun stood up. “It’s getting late. Go back.”

Hadley and Elle both left.