Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 184

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 184 – Catherine parted her lips to speak but was interrupted by Wesley, “There’s all sort of paperwork needed to be done in the hospital and having a helping hand is better than none. As an elder brother, I can’t stand aside and not help you out. Besides, this is not the time to keep a distance from me.”

Overwhelmed by anxiety, she did not insist further.

Upon arriving at the hospital, someone was shouting by the door of the emergency room. “Family members of Miss Wendy? Identify yourself and head over to the reception to sort out the bills as soon as possible.”

“I’m here.” Catherine ran over. “Doctor, how is she doing?”

“Acute cerebral insufficiency. Stent surgery must be performed immediately. Go sort out the payment now.” The doctor pushed an invoice into her hands.

She rushed downstairs to handle the payment. The surgery had already commenced by the time she went back upstairs.

“I know the hospital director, so I called him earlier to bring forward the surgery,” Wesley explained.

“Thanks.” She was touched.

The surgery finally came to an end three hours later. Aunty Wendy was pushed out of the emergency room. Catherine almost could not recognize the frail woman.

Aunty Wendy used to look healthy and energetic when she was still her grandmother’s carer, but she looked like a completely different person now. Apart from her head that was full of gray hair, her sunken cheeks also made her look older.

What had happened during these times?

5:00 p.m. Tears flowed down Aunty Wendy’s cheeks the moment she opened her eyes and saw Catherine. “First Young Lady, I didn’t think I’d see you again.”

“You don’t have to call me that anymore.” She forced a bitter smile.

“No, you’ll always be the—”

“Aunty Wendy, it’s alright, I already know the truth that I was adopted by the Jones family. I’m sure you know that too after being a carer for my grandmother for the past few decades.”

“Who said that?” Aunty Wendy replied, agitated. “You’re unmistakably a part of the Jones family!”

This took Catherine by surprise. “I heard it from Rebecca. Besides, I don’t think the Jones couple would do those things to their own daughter.”

“This all must’ve been tough on you. Those three are a disgrace to the Jones family.” Aunty Wendy coughed a few times out of rage. “Not only did they chase me out of the house, but they even said that to you. Have they forgotten the promises they made to Old Madam and Old Master in the past?”

“Aunty Wendy, you were chased out of the house?” Catherine was taken aback by this information. “But what I heard from them is that you left because you weren’t willing to take care of Grandma after she became p*******d.”

“Old Madam has helped me significantly and she took care of me all my life. I wouldn’t leave her when she needed me the most.”

Aunty Wendy’s eyes glistened with tears. “Young Lady, you’re in fact not Jeffery Jones’ daughter. Your birth mother is Sheryl Jones, the woman you believe to be your aunt. She was pregnant with you before marriage. Your grandparents were afraid of losing their dignity, not to mention that this might make it harder for your mother to remarry. That’s why they handed you over to Jeffrey, who’s actually your uncle.”

Catherine felt her world crashing down.

Never would she have expected that Sheryl was her mother. It made sense now that her grandparents always brought her to visit the woman’s grave on her d***h anniversary. It was no wonder she resembled her so much.

“After giving birth to you, your mother went on a business trip to Country T and went missing in the typhoon,” Aunty Wendy said in between sobs. “It was a horrible typhoon and more than ten people were d**d. By the time they found her body, it was too d********d… that they couldn’t even recognize her.”

Catherine felt suffocated as if all the air were being s****d out from her lungs. Wesley, who had been listening by the side, patted her on the shoulder gently.

Aunty Wendy continued, “Your mom was a successful woman although she was young. Hudson Corporation, which is among the top 500 most successful businesses in the whole world, was founded by her alone.”

“My mom is the founder of Hudson Corporation?” A look of astonishment washed over her face.

Something clicked inside her mind. “It’s no wonder Jeffery can become the major stockholder of Hudson Corporation.”

“What? Jeffery is the major stockholder?” Aunty Wendy huffed. “Is it possible that your grandmother has…”

“She passed away a few days ago.”

Aunty Wendy widened her eyes in shock. A few minutes later, tears finally flowed out from the corners of her eyes.

She said despitefully, “Your grandmother wouldn’t have died out of the blue. There’s surely more behind her d***h! Cathy, there’s something you need to know. After your mother passed away, your grandparents have been secretly managing Hudson Corporation. In order to ensure Jeffery would look after you, she set up a will. Both you and Jeffery will each be given 30% of the corporation’s stocks once you’ve come of age and after she dies.”