Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 172

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 172 – Rebecca was such an evil person. She would probably target Catherine, especially after Summit fell from power.

Without much hesitation, Wesley headed to the private room that Rebecca left from. He turned the doorknob, only to realize that the room had been locked.

Standing close to the door, he heard a woman’s screams.

It was Catherine.

D**n it!

He lifted a chair in the corridor and slammed the door open.

The minute he barged in, he saw two men pressing Catherine against the floor on each side. Her shirt was ripped into shreds. With a flushed face, she continued to struggle violently.

“Who are you?”

The two security guards’ expressions changed. Wesley ran toward them and beat them to the ground.

Upon realizing that things were not right, the men grabbed the opportunity to flee.

Wesley did not have the time to seize them. He immediately raced to Catherine and carried her.

With a manly scent emanating from him, Catherine threw herself into his arms uncontrollably.

Wesley’s assistant entered the room and caught sight of the scene. With a blush, he immediately closed the door and left.

Wesley was nervous. Although he knew that Catherine had consumed something unpleasant, he did not want to take advantage of her at that point.

He pushed her away forcefully. “Wake up, Cathy. Let me send you to the hospital, okay?”


Catherine’s teeth chattered. “I feel terrible.”

Her body emanated a unique, charming scent.

At that instant, many scenes from when they first met flashed across Wesley’s mind. He had long since fallen in love with Catherine. However, she had always kept a distance from him, which made him unable to approach her.

He was ready to be with her forever if possible.

This was the chance.

He admitted that his selfish motive had defeated his gentlemanly behavior at that moment.

“Marry me, Cathy. I’ll assume responsibility for my actions.”

As soon as Wesley finished speaking, he carried her to the couch and kissed her lips.

Catherine naturally hugged him tightly. At that point, the phone on the floor suddenly rang.

Shaun’s voice flashed across Catherine’s head. Struck by the thought, she tried to come to her senses and pushed Wesley away. She then gave herself a hard bite on the wrist, drawing blood.

“Cathy…” Wesley was heartbroken.

“No way. We can’t do this.” Catherine shook her head miserably. “Please carry me to the bathroom.”


Little did Wesley expect that she would regain her senses. He was distressed, but he ultimately respected her decision and carried her to the bathroom.

After being placed in the bathtub, Catherine immediately turned on the tap.

Drenching herself in cold water, she felt slightly better.

The phone that was left outside rang again. She reckoned that it was Shaun who was calling her.

If she did not pick up the call, he would definitely suspect that she had betrayed him again.

“Mr. Lyons, please pass me my phone,” Catherine said with trembling lips.