Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 155

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“You were the one who reported to me after only checking halfway.” Shaun firmly refused to shoulder the blame. When he remembered what he did to Catherine earlier today, he could not believe that he would do such an irrational thing.

She must have felt deeply humiliated, especially when her grandmother just died and it was when her heart was most upset. No wonder Aunty Linda said her mood was off.

Wait, she had suffered so many setbacks recently. Could she end up taking things too hard?

He quickly rushed upstairs and opened the door, striding over to the bed. There, he saw her lying under the covers with her eyes shut. Her face was as pale as paper and she did not seem to be breathing.

His heart was inexplicably seized by a wave of fear as he reached out to place his finger under her nose.

Catherine opened her eyes feebly. When she saw him, she sat up weakly. Her voice was full of fatigue and weariness. “Is it not enough for you to confine me? What other punishments do you want to give me? Just say it.”

Shaun’s heart that was seized tightly suddenly loosened. It was as if he could finally breathe freely.

However, looking at her like this, he felt slightly embarrassed. He wanted to apologize, but his pride did not allow him to. “Your grandmother passed away last night?”

Catherine’s eyelashes trembled.

Shaun said unnaturally, “Why didn’t you tell me? I called you the entire night last night but you didn’t answer. I thought something happened to you…”

“You weren’t scared that something happened to me. You were scared that I would make you a cuckold, right?” Catherine sneered. “Have you ever lost your dearest family member before? When you’re d******g in grief, would you have the mood to answer the phone?!”

Shaun’s heart choked. He understood that feeling.

“Besides, you never asked me and you never believed me. From the beginning, you decided that Ethan Lowe and I had gone to a hotel to spend the night together.”

Catherine’s words became more and more sarcastic. “Even when I stayed up all night keeping vigil, you said that my exhausted appearance was because I was doing something else. You even degraded me in front of Ethan Lowe, as if… As if I’m a woman who sells her body.”

Her tears finally flowed down uncontrollably.

Shaun was at a loss for words, but he could not control his thoughts. “Why do you care so much about Ethan Lowe’s feelings? Do you still care about him in your heart?”

“Care my *ss!” Catherine swore, “I was betrayed and dumped by him before. I’ve already lost my dignity, but who would want others to witness such a thing? I have to at least let that scumbag see that I can live better without him! But what happened instead? You made me look like a commodity. As long as one had money and power, anyone can get me and s********h me. Do I have any self-respect left?”

Shaun stared at her for a long time before squeezing the words out of his throat. “Are you scolding me?”

“No, I can’t scold you!” Catherine smiled self-deprecatingly. She patted her chest. “You saved me, so I owe you. Even if you slap me, I should be happy and kneel like a dog. I shouldn’t resist you. I was wrong, happy?!”


Shaun was completely dumbstruck and unable to reply. Even though he was an eloquent lawyer, he did not know what to say now.

“Do you want me to cook now? I’ll go.” Catherine strained herself to get up.

“Stop!” Shaun forced her down again. “Lay down. Don’t move.”

“Right, I forgot. You still have me locked up,” Catherine said mockingly.

“Catherine Jones, are you done? I admit I was wrong. I misjudged you. It was my fault, okay?” Shaun bowed his head.

Catherine was expressionless, and her gaze was hollow. “You don’t have to apologize at all. You’re my master, so whatever you do is right.”

Shaun was having a headache now. He really did not like her self-deprecating actions.

“In any case, you should just rest well for now. You’re not allowed to go anywhere.”

Shaun went downstairs and personally brought food up. “Eat something.”