Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 140

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 140 – Soon, Terry Miller was brought into the courtroom.

Shaun stared at the man with a piercing gaze. “Who was it who collaborated with you to replace the electrical cables with inferior ones?”

Terry locked his eyes with James and pointed at the latter. “It’s him.”

Flustered, James shouted, “You’re lying. Did you receive bribes from Catherine?”

Terry replied flatly, “It wasn’t her but you who bribed me. After the fire took down the hotel, you transferred two million dollars to my son, who’s living abroad, and ordered me to shift the blame to Catherine Jones.”

All color drained off James’ face. Sally began to look concerned as well.

Miles was incensed. “So it was you who replaced the electrical cables! What’s the matter with you? Trying to deceive me by shifting the blame to Catherine Jones?”

An enigmatic smile flashed across Shaun’s face. “Mr. Clark, the Jones family is even sacrificing their own daughter. They aren’t trying to deceive you. They’re just trying to save their nephew.”

The courtroom broke into chaos at the sound of that.

“Do you think Jeffery Jones knows about this?”

“Come on, how could he not? He’s the president!”

“Oh goodness, do you think James Lennon is his illegitimate son? Why else would he sacrifice his daughter to protect a nephew?”

“I heard a rumor before that the Jones couple dislike this daughter. It turns out to be true. They’re vicious.”

The Jones couple were utterly embarrassed by the criticisms. Jeffery said impatiently, “Attorney Hill, please choose your words carefully. My wife and I had no idea about this. We didn’t know that Terry was bribed.”

Shaun nodded slowly before revealing a receipt. “Perhaps the two of you have no clue, but not too long ago, Mr. Jones received a coffee maker set worth two million dollars from James Lennon.”

“Wow, so he turned a blind eye because he received bribery from his nephew.”

“Of course. Why else would a construction manager be that arrogant? He evidently received support from Summit’s president.”

“Summit is corrupted. Shame on it being one of the most recognized construction and design companies in the country.”

“We should never reach out to them again for future collaborations.”

“Summit should go bankrupt soon. What a rubbish company.”

In a matter of minutes, not only those in the courtroom were in a heated discussion about this court case but the online world as well.

After all, this trial was being shown live on the internet. The number of people watching this increased exponentially in minutes.

Jeffery thought he was going to faint. He certainly did not expect this attorney to have learned about the coffee maker set. Savage!

Rebecca, who sensed things were going downhill, quickly stood up with an explanation. “It’s almost my dad’s birthday soon. James only gave him the present in advance. Is it really that suspicious? Attorney Hill, without concrete evidence, all you have just said is a blank accusation.”

“Accusation?” Shaun replied playfully, but his eyes revealed serious determination. “I’ve made no mentions of your family being a part of this since the beginning.”

“That’s right. The attorney didn’t say anything at all but this family got too impatient to defend themselves.”

“I bet it’s their guilty conscience.”


Rebecca froze instantly. Colors gradually drained off her pretty face.

This man was incredibly harsh. He managed to destroy the other party with a few words.

Catherine was enjoying every second of this. She used to find Shaun’s harsh personality unbearable yet right at this moment, he was truly… attractive.

Besides, he was full of masculine charm as he laid out his attacking strategies. The courtroom was like his battleground.