Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 977

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 977 – “Oh, won’t it be fine as long as I don’t say anything about it?” Suzie pretended to be obedient and innocent. “Sister Jill, I’ll listen to you from now on a s long as you’re willing to play with me.”

“Okay, I don’t have any friends now, so I can play with you.” Jill nodded. She thought Suzie was silly and could be her lackey.

However, Jill did not know that once Suzie finished her dinner and walked out of the Campos family’s door, she immediately told Liam all the information she obtained from Jill.

“Great-uncle’s child…”

Liam’s expression changed once he heard that.

The great-uncle that Jill spoke of could only be Maurice or Mason. Maurice had two children, the elder one being Charlie and the younger one being Maddie. Maddie was studying overseas now.

Therefore, Benny was most probably his father’s or Maurice’s illegitimate son.

However, Maurice’s wife was a fierce woman. If her husband had an illegitimate son outside, she would definitely not tolerate Maurice bringing him back to the Campos family.

Benny was most likely Mason’s illegitimate son.

Liam’s heart felt cold. No wonder Mason did not care much about him. It was because he had another son outside.

Mason had even said he was his only son that day and he was almost won over by his words.

His father seemed to be even scarier when he thought about it.

Lea had sacrificed so much for Mason. She even took out tens of billions of dollars in funds for Campos Corporation three years ago, yet Mason had another woman and an illegitimate son outside.

Lea might go crazy from anger if she knew about it.

Luckily, Suzie’s words made Liam calm down. If he really leaked Hill Corporation’s microchip, the Campos family might become the most powerful family in Australia. However, he would only be Mason’s stepping stone.

The thing was, how was he supposed to tell Lea about it?

“Suzie, don’t tell anybody about this for now,” Liam reminded her. He was afraid Lea could not take the shock.

At night, Liam gave Mason a call.

“Dad, I can’t do what you asked of me this evening. I think we have to use the proper means to win.

Actually, Campos Corporation is already developing well. Why do you have to be so fixated on the rankings?”

“Liam, you make me so disappointed.” Mason’s low tone had a trace of heartlessness.

“Dad, as people, we have to know the limits.” Despite feeling sad, Liam tried to dissuade him. “ You already have enough. Besides, if it weren’t for Hill Corporation’s support, the Campos family wouldn’t have gotten this far— ”

“Shut your mouth! It’s impossible to be successful if you’re so soft-hearted. No wonder you won’t be able to win against Shaun in this lifetime. You can only be like this forever.”

Mason hung up straight away.

Liam was filled with bitterness. He had a feeling that Mason would try other methods after failing to use him. He had to keep an eye on the employees of

the company.

Far away at an island overseas.

Catherine was counting the days. Before she knew it, half a month had already passed.

Although she did not have to do anything as Shaun was taking good care of her by serving her good food and drinks, she still grew thinner in half a month.

It was mainly because her days were too depressing. Another reason was that she was already married, yet she was together with Shaun every day. She felt guilty for Wesley.

On that day, Shaun brought her out to the sea to fish.

“Cathy, look at this codfish I caught. I’ll make deep

-fried codfish for you tonight, okay?” Shaun brought a fat and tender fish over. His face was full of smiles as he tried to please her.

“Anything will do. I’m not interested.”