Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 967

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 967 – “Shaun… Shaun Hill, you’ve said that you won’t hurt me again. Are you going to go back on your word?” Catherine said anxiously, “Well, you’ve never fulfilled any of your promises anyway.”

All of a sudden, Shaun’s angry figure froze as if he had been p*******d.

He lowered his eyes while the woman gazed at him sarcastically.

“I… I’m not going back on my word.” Three seconds later, he straightened his body. His heart was filled with misery and bitterness. “Having said that… Cathy, don’t trigger me. I treat you as my woman. Although I was in a relationship with Sarah, I’ve never touched any other woman except for you.”

Catherine was stunned before she mocked, “Don’t deceive me by treating me as a fool. You’ve been in a relationship with Sarah for over ten years. It’s impossible that you’ve never slept with her at all. I don’t believe it, considering that both of you have been together for such a long time.”

“ She was still young back then. Later, I was busy managing Hill Corporation, so I wasn’t concerned about that kind of stuff. After that, she studied abroad in the States and went missing. I’ve only done it with you.” Shaun himself found it miraculous as well after he finished speaking.

In fact, he had not told Catherine something— namely that he did not have any s****l urges nor arousal when he was with Sarah.

He did not understand it in the past, but now, he gradually made sense of it.

When he kept protecting Sarah regardless of everything else, it did not mean that he loved her. He merely treated her as his family or the only gleam of light in the dark.

He used to believe that Sarah was kind and wonderful, forgetting the fact that people changed.

Only when he met Catherine did he realize what an unforgettable love was. Being with her made him feel extremely relaxed, sweet, and happy.

When he did not see her, he would miss her. When he ate the food she made, it tasted like the most delicious food in the world.

No matter what state she was in, he would still

think that she was the most beautiful person.

“The clothes are here. After you put them on, I’ll prepare breakfast for you.”

With that, Shaun turned around. He closed the door and left.

After spacing out on the bed for a moment, Catherine slowly dragged herself out and took a shower.

When the hot water splashed over her body, she still could not believe it.

Shaun’s first time had been with her?

It was unbelievable.

After taking her shower, she wore a new pair of

jeans and a white T-shirt. Although the outfit was not from luxurious brands, it was comfortable.

However, she could not hide the hickeys on her neck and collarbones.

After some thought, she did not mind exposing the hickeys since she did not know anyone else on the island.

In a desperate situation like this, she had to find out where she was and contact someone outside.

She was too ashamed to contact Wesley, so she

could only contact Logan and Austin.

After she walked out of the room, she happened to come across a black female servant who was walking toward her. She tried to borrow a phone from her, but she noticed that there was a language barrier between them. Considering that the servant was unable to speak English, Catherine felt so helpless that she used gestures to communicate.

When the servant finally took out her phone from her pocket, Catherine was dumbfounded. There were people who still used such ancient phones? Displayed on the screen were words that she had never seen before. She could not understand anything, much less use the phone to download the social media apps she was familiar with.

She asked a few other servants afterward but it was all the same.

She eventually sank into despair. Where the h**l was this?

After she walked down the stairs in dejection, Shaun brought the breakfast out of the kitchen while wearing an apron.

She glanced at the breakfast. There were poached eggs, oat milk, sandwiches, avocado salad, and different kinds of fresh fruits on the table.

“You used to capture my stomach and heart with your cooking, so now, I’ll use my cooking to win your heart again.”

Shaun removed the apron and put it aside. Today, h e wore a white T-shirt that was similar to hers and a pair of jeans as well. With some of his hair over his forehead, he looked like a young boy who was less fierce than usual.

Catherine was at a loss for words. Was he wearing a matching outfit with her?

If she had another set of clothes, she would have taken off all her clothes straight away.