Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 935

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 935 – Jason said, “Marriage isn’t child’s play. Proposing to Sarah is Rodney’s own problem. The Snow family will never approve of his marriage nor of Sarah joining the Snow family. As for Freya, she’s the fiancee that everyone in the Snow family has chosen for Rodney. Since this matter has occurred, the Lynch family will come to Canberra soon to discuss the marriage.”

“Then, what will happen to Sarah?” the reporter asked.

“We, the Snow family, have strict family rules. We’ll never allow Rodney to have a mistress.”

With that, the video ended.

Sarah’s hands were trembling. When she came back to her senses, she started screaming and smashing things hysterically.

She had never expected the Snow family to be so inconsiderate of her. Since they publicly said that Freya was Rodney’s fiancee, then what was she?

Three years ago, Freya’s reputation was ruined because of Thomas. Three years later, the Snow family would rather accept a b*tch like Freya over her.

Where was she lacking compared to Freya?

There was that i***t, Rodney as well. He said he loved her yesterday, yet he had s*x with Freya the next moment. Men were all good for nothing.

At that moment, Rodney called.

She immediately smashed her phone.

However, she quickly calmed down. Rodney could not be so easily forgiven, but she could not let go of him either. After all, the only presentable man she had by her side now was Rodney.

On the other hand, when Rodney saw Jason’s statement, he rushed back to the Snow family.

“Dad, what nonsense did you say in front of the reporters? When did Freya become my fiancee? I’m not even familiar with her. My fiancee is Sarah.”

On the way, Sarah did not pick up his calls at all. He was about to go insane. He had to explain everything clearly.

“Have you given any dowry to Sarah?” Jason asked coldly. “Did an engagement ceremony take place

between the Snow family and the Neeson family?

Did Sarah meet your parents and have a meal with us?”

Rodney was taken aback. “I’ve already proposed and given her a ring. The media knows about it…”

“As long as the engagement procedure isn’t done, Sarah isn’t your fiancee.” Old Master Snow cut him off coldly. “Moreover, you slept with Freya, so you have to take responsibility. The Snow family doesn’t play around with women and abandon them afterward.”

“Speaking of last night, I was clearly set up by Jessica. ” Rodney glared at Jessica furiously. “ I’ve already investigated it. The suite that I slept in last night was checked in under your name. The security camera at the door showed it was you who sent me into the room. You did it on purpose.”

“That’s right. It was me.” Jessica’s expression was calm.

“You’re my sister. How could you do this to me?” Rodney threw a fit. “You’re a cold-blooded animal. You’ll do whatever it takes to win Grandpa’s favor.”

“ Shut your mouth.” Jessica glared at him with her cold eyes. “Do you know why I threw you into the room last night? Because someone set Freya up at the banquet hall. The research and development director of your company had something done to her during the press conference. I really don’t understand how you manage the company.”

“It’s impossible…” Rodney was shocked.

“ If Freya wasn’t unconscious, do you think she’ll have s*x with you?” Jessica’s expression was filled with sarcasm. “By the way, the person who set her up Sarah’s good brother.”

“You mean Thomas?” Rodney gasped in surprise.

If it were other people, he would not have believed it. However, when he recalled the things Thomas had done to Freya before, he did not dare to deny it. “Is there a misunderstanding…”