Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 928

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 928 – Sarah really suspected that she, Catherine, and Freya were sworn enemies. Otherwise, why would they annoy her wherever she went?

Thomas, who was by her side, stared deadly at Freya with visible greed in his eyes.

“Sarah, I must get this woman today.”

Thomas whispered in Sarah’s ear, “I didn’t think Freya would become such a dazzling beauty. There are no downsides for me if I marry her.”

“Okay, I support you. It just so happens that there are many reporters here tonight. You can take advantage of this opportunity, but be careful.” Sarah took a deep breath. She could get her revenge out of spite. Once Freya married Thomas, she would have many chances to deal with her.

“I will.”

Thomas nodded his head sleazily.

On the stage, Freya was already introducing the new product to everyone.

“Good evening, everyone. I’m Freya, the person in charge and also the cosmetic chemist of the new product…”

Rodney stared at Freya nervously. At first, he was worried about letting her introduce the product on her stage.

Yet, little did he know that she would be so graceful and natural in front of all the media. On top of that pretty face of hers, she was very pleasing to the eye.

It was rare for him to be impressed by Freya.

It seemed like inviting her to join Osher Corporation was a wise decision.

“Rodney…” Sarah suddenly wrapped his arm around his. She forced a smile and said, “I didn’t think Ms. Lynch would wear a red dress tonight as well. I wouldn’t have worn a red dress too if I had

Rodney was stunned. Thomas immediately sighed and said, “What a coincidence that Sarah wore a red dress too. Everyone was comparing them both just now. They said Freya’s temperament completely crushed Sarah’s or something…”

“Brother…” Sarah glared at Thomas. “It’s not specified that I’m the only one who can wear a red dress.”

“I suspect she did it on purpose. It’s not like Catherine hasn’t done that kind of thing in the past. Since Freya and Catherine are good friends, they naturally learn from each other. However, you and Shaun have already broken up. She has no reason to target you, ” Thomas complained.

Rodney’s brows knitted into a tight frown. He did not say a word.

“Rodney, don’t mind him. This is my brother’s personality, ” Sarah said in a hurry.

“It’s okay. What your brother said is right. You’re m y girlfriend now. How can you be compared to a mere cosmetic chemist?”

Rodney spoke with a low voice as he watched Freya, who was on the stage.

Sarah and Thomas secretly made eye contact. There was a hint of smugness in their eyes.

After Freya finished her speech, she went down the stage with the help of an employee.

That was when Secretary Lane came over and said, “ Ms. Lynch, President Snow has requested to see you upstairs.”

Freya nodded. She thought Rodney wanted to discuss something work-related.

When she arrived at the room upstairs, Rodney was standing in front of the window. He wore a white tailored suit matched with a pink shirt inside. His hands were tucked lazily in his pockets.

If it were other men, they would look very tacky dressed up like that. However, Rodney’s evil- looking attractive face could carry that flashy outfit. He looked very handsome, like a famous young celebrity.

Of all things, that piece of cake had to be stained with a c*w dunk, which was Sarah.