Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 909

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 909 – “Catherine Jones, how could you do such a thing?”

Melanie screamed at Catherine in anger. “ It took hundreds of years for our ancestors to develop Yule Corporation to where it is today, but you ended up selling it to someone from Japan. Aren’t you afraid that our ancestors will crawl out of their graves to find you?”

“Brother, you’re too muddle—headed. Were you encouraged by Catherine? Are you trying to make Mom and Dad d*e from anger? They gave you the company shares because they trusted you. If you didn’t want them, you could’ve told us. We could have bought the shares in your hands as shareholders. Why did you sell them to others?”

Damien was so angry he wanted to vomit blood. He originally thought that by encouraging the old master to come back to the company, he would be able to come back as well and gain control of the company.

However, Joel actually sold the shares and Kawada joined. In the future, Kawada could control Yule Corporation however he wanted. “You b*tch!”

Old Master Yue grabbed the cup in front of him and flung it at Catherine’s face.

However, it missed. Catherine moved her head and dodged the cup.

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have accepted you back into the Yule family. I originally still had expectations for you. What did I do in my past life to be so unlucky as to have a granddaughter like you?!

“Make it clear to Mr. Kawada immediately. The agreement was signed by you and has nothing to do with your father. It has nothing to do with Yule Corporation. I won’t acknowledge this contract. ”

Old Master Yule lost his temper and roared.

Catherine raised her brows. “Grandpa, didn’t you hear what Mr. Kawada said? If I deny it, I would have committed commercial fraud. I’d have to go to j**l.”

“It’s better for you to go to j**l than for Yule Corporation’s shares to fall into the hands of a Japanese man,” Damien said in a deep voice, “ Brother, I advise you to persuade her well. I know I’ve let you down before, but in the end, we’re still brothers. No matter how much we fight, we’re still family. The company’s name is Yule. If you sell it, the company name might be changed in the future. Can you bear to see that?”

Another shareholder, Director Pan, immediately said, “Yes. Joel, you’ve worked in Yule Corporation for decades. We’ve all worked hard to grow the company to what it is today. All of us think of Yule Corporation as our child. Think carefully. Don’t do something you’ll regret.”

“Do you have to force me, your father, to kneel in front of you?” Old Master Yule cried out pleadingly.

“Dad, I’m sorry. Catherine is my daughter. I can’t let her go to j**l.” Joel let out a long sigh.


Old Master Yule was so angry that his blood pressure surged. He staggered a few steps and fainted.

“Grandpa!” Melanie immediately rushed over to support the old man. “Hurry up and call an ambulance.”

Joel quickly dialed 000 and an ambulance swiftly came over to send the old master to the hospital. Only Damien did not go since he was unable to walk.

The conference room was in an uproar.

“Since Old Master Yule has fainted, we’ ll discuss this matter another day,” Damien ordered coldly and prepared to leave immediately.

Kawada smiled coldly. “Sorry, but since I’ve come today, I have no intention to leave. From today onward, I’m the largest shareholder of Yule Corporation, so I request that a board meeting be held next Monday. I have the right to know many things about the company, and the chairman will also need to be re-elected.”

Then, President Kawada left directly.

Director Pan’s scalp tingled. “Damien, Kawada is very cunning. He’s definitely not easy to deal with.”

“I know. Delta Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten companies in Japan. How can President Kawada be a simple person? He’s been eyeing Yule Corporation for a long time.” Damien gritted his teeth in anger. “Catherine Jones has really given me a big problem.”