Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 823

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 823 – Shaun was startled.

At that moment, it was as if lava was about to erupt in his body.

His breaths became heavy as he stared at her fair, petite face with a heated gaze.

He suspected that she was intentionally flirting with him.

“Alright. It’s not bleeding anymore. ” Catherine’s lips left his finger. She was not oblivious to his scalding gaze. However, men had to be flirted with occasionally and given some benefits. If not, how would she leave a deep impression on him?

Shaun looked indifferently at his finger that had stopped bleeding. After a moment, he picked up the crab and p*****d another of his fingers. Then, he offered his finger to her. “It’s bleeding again.”

Did he think she was blind? Did he not want his dignity anymore?

“Waiter.” She raised her hand and waved at the waiter. “Please bring me some salt.”

Shaun frowned. Why was it different from what he imagined? “Aren’t you going to take a look? More blood is flowing out.”

“It’s okay. It’ll be fine once we sprinkle some salt on it later. ” Catherine smiled like a sly fox. “When the wind blows and the fire grills it, it can even be eaten as a sausage.”

Shaun’s expression darkened at her words. “Why did you s**k it for me before but not now?”

“Am I crazy? People will think I’m a lunatic if I keep s*****g on your finger. Besides, don’t you have germs on your hands?” Catherine lost her temper too.

Shaun immediately fell silent from being scolded.

Since he could not get away with it anymore, he could only stop the bleeding with the napkin.

“Forget it. Let me do it myself. My boyfriend is too useless. He can’t even shell a crab properly.” Catherine sighed and started shelling the crabs herself.

“I’m fine. I’ll do it.” Having received another blow, Shaun continued shelling the crabs for her obediently. He felt like he was becoming more and more humble in front of Catherine.

However, when he recalled the scene of her s*****g the blood from his finger, his heart fluttered.

Not long after, Chester brought Cindy over.

“Shaun, it really is you. I thought I was mistaken. ” Chester had his hands in his pockets. His gentlemanly face was filled with astonishment.

When they often had meals together in the past, Sarah always came along with Shaun, and Chester had only seen Shaun putting food on Sarah’s plate a t most. He had never seen Shaun shelling crabs and treating someone like a master.

Cindy was even more surprised. She knew how cold Shaun was during usual gatherings, so she had never expected that he would treat Catherine so well.

Cindy secretly clenched her teeth in contempt. She thought Shaun would surely abandon Catherine. Yet, in the end, it was Sarah who was too useless, and she had wasted three years of her time pleasing Sarah.

“Young Master Hill…” Cindy acted like she was in a dilemma. “I couldn’t believe it when I was watching from afar, but you… You’re accompanying Catherine. Does Sarah know about this? She’s still hospitalized. Isn’t this a bit inappropriate?”

Shaun shot an icy glance at her.

Cindy shuddered, as if a swift blade had swept past her face. “I’m sorry. I… I may be meddling too much. Perhaps it’s because I have a good relationship with Sarah. She’s quite pitiful now. ”

Catherine slowly took a sip of water. “I can see that your relationship with Sarah has always been very good. Otherwise, how did you know that Shaun went back to Sarah’s place after every gathering three years ago? You even saw the hickeys on her neck the next day.”