Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 789

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 789 – Old Master Snow waved his hand nonchalantly. “ That’s not necessary. You just have to compensate Rodney. Since you’ve ruined his reputation and made other women afraid to marry him, just use yourself as compensation to him.”

Freya, “… ”

She was dumbfounded. What was Old Master Snow saying? Why did she not understand him at all?

Catherine’s mouth twitched. “You mean you want Freya to… marry Rodney?”

“Exactly.” Old Master Snow nodded. “We have no other choice. Rodney’s mother had arranged a marriage for him, but it was all ruined by you.”

Then, he secretly gave his daughter-in-law a look. Wendy Collins said shamelessly, “Yes, that woman was a really good woman. They could have gotten married. You have to compensate him with a marriage.”

“No.” Freya shuddered as her head shook like a rattle. “My family is too poor. People like me aren’t worthy of the Snow family.”

Old Master Snow snorted. “We’ve already investigated your background. The Lynch family is one of the richest families in Melbourne. Although you weren’ t worthy before, Rodney’s reputation isn’t good now, so we can accept you.”

Freya wanted to cry. “Rodney doesn’t like me, and I don’t like him either. There’s no use trying if it’s not meant to be.”

“Emotions can grow with time.” Wendy persuaded.

“I’m d***y and unworthy of Rodney. I was ruined by Thomas Neeson before. It was on the news at that time, so go look at it. Many people know about it.” Freya directly smeared her name.

“We’ve already checked. You weren’t defiled, ” Jason Snow added.

Freya, “ ”

She did not understand how this happened.

She gritted her teeth. “ In any case, I won’t marry him even if I d*e. If you guys think I’ve ruined Rodney’s reputation, feel free to take revenge on me. If you want me to marry someone like him, you might as well tell me to d*e. He’s a scumbag whose brain is most easily brainwashed by two-faced manipulative women. I’d be insane to marry him.” “You… ” Old Master Snow’s blood pressure soared.

Seeing the atmosphere getting stiffer and stiffer, Catherine could not help but interject, “Um…

There’s no need to argue about this. I think you might as well persuade Rodney first instead of asking Freya to compensate him. He would definitely choose d***h rather than agree to this. ”

“We’ll make him agree, ” Old Master Snow said confidently.

Catherine was also completely speechless.

“Catherine, let’s go. Words won’t get through to them. ” Freya grabbed Catherine and was about to leave.

Several guards immediately stopped them. Catherine’s face changed.

At that moment, she saw Shaun’s tall and upright figure heading over from the pavilion. He was wearing the same clothes from the afternoon, a black shirt and a pair of black pants. However, at that moment, his body exuded a cold and solemn aura.

“What are you doing here?”

Soon, Shaun walked to the door. He swept his dark and deep eyes at the guards who stopped him at the door.

The guards recognized his identity and immediately gave way silently.

Shaun walked in with big strides, and his eyes fell on Catherine who was at the door. Seeing her staring at him with her big and bright eyes, he could not help but think of the WhatsApp message she had sent to him when he was resting at home. The corners of his lips involuntarily curled up.