Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 764

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 764 – Old Master Snow said furiously, “Don’t think I don’t know why you drank until you got drunk last night. Wasn’t it because Sarah’s getting married today? The Snow family is a prominent family too. Why do we have such a disappointment like you? Is Canberra short of women that you have to chase after Sarah all day long? My grandchild is being treated as a backup in a relationship. Even if you don’t feel ashamed, your parents and I do.”

“Grandpa, your words are too much. I’m not her backup. Sarah and I are good friends,” Rodney explained uncomfortably.

Wendy said angrily, “If you’re just good friends, why do you go to her wherever and whenever she asks you to? Back then when you were studying, your diary was filled with Sarah’s name too.”

“Mom, you’re being too much. You even peeped at my diary.” Rodney was infuriated.

“You’re my son. I don’t want you to be treated as a fool by others,” Wendy said agitatedly.

“ I turned a blind eye before, but Shaun is already

getting married to her. You’re not that young either, but you’ve even created such an issue now. I’m treated as a joke when I go outside. Those who don’t know any better will think that I didn’t teach my son well.”

Old Master Snow harrumphed. “Don’t think I’m unaware of the matter with Freya as well. Three years ago, she was a talented cosmetic chemist in Osher Corporation. Just because of her personal grudge with Sarah, you accused her of plagiarism and even caused her to be blacklisted by the industry. I may be old, but I’m not muddle-headed yet. As to why she took revenge on you last night, you were the one who brought it upon yourself. You deserved it!”

“Grandpa…” Rodney was utterly frustrated. He did not expect that his own family would take Freya’s side.

“Please, am I even your biological grandson?”

“I, Derek Snow, would also like to know why I have a grandson like you despite having lived honorably and righteously all my life.” Old Master Snow hit the table out of anger and stood up. “Look at your uncle, aunts, brothers, and sisters. They’re all honorable people. Which of them is similar to you?”

“Dad, don’t get too angry as it’ll only affect your

health.” Jason patted Old Master Snow’s back.

“You’re a disgrace. ” Old Master Snow took a deep breath. Then, he suddenly said, “You said that it was Freya who set you up. Since she has already ruined your good reputation, let her compensate you for it.”

“Compensate… What will she compensate me with?” Rodney was touched. He knew that he was Grandpa’s biological grandson, after all. His family would surely help him.

“She’ll compensate you with marriage. Let her get married to you.” Old Master Snow sighed. “ Although the Lynch family’s status is quite low, this is the only choice we have left.”

Rodney was utterly stunned. Let Freya get married to him?

No, no, no!

“Grandpa, what kind of joke are you making right now?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Old Master Snow glared at him.

“The Lynch family is one of the top wealthy families in Melbourne. Freya’s brother, Forrest, is quite capable as well. During these two years, Snow Corporation had some small-scale collaborations with the Lynch family as well. Your sister said Forrest is quite remarkable. Ever since he took over the company, he’s been running it steadily and even expanded the company. Their family’s reputation isn’t bad either, excluding the matter of Freya and Thomas from three years ago… But I already looked into that. She’s innocent. You and Shaun were the ones who caused trouble and ruined her reputation. This way, it’ll prevent you from thinking about that woman, Sarah.”

“Dad, Mom, say a few words for me. Grandpa’s becoming more muddle-headed with age.” Rodney could only look toward his parents helplessly.

Wendy hesitated for a moment and looked at Old Master Snow. “Freya may not want to get married to him.”

“I think so too.” Jason nodded.

No, was that the point? The point was that he would not marry her, okay?!

“You can do anything you like. I won’t marry her anyway. I’d rather become a monk than marry that woman, ” Rodney said angrily and just ran away.

Worst came to worst, he would just refuse to come back home anymore.

“That kid…” Wendy shook her head as she watched his retreating back. “Does he not know what the people of Canberra are talking about him? Never mind if it’s another person, but what’s the deal with the Neeson family?” “Mom, don’t be hasty. There’ll be a way. ” Jessica consoled her.