Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 760

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 760 – Rodney doubted if he was in a nightmare until a woman from the other side came and clung to him. “Handsome, why don’ t you sleep a little longer? It’s still early.”

He shuddered and shifted his gaze to the other side, where he saw a fat, blonde-haired woman approaching him. Her mouth was filled with…

Then, the other women on the bed subsequently woke up as well. All of them were nothing short of hideous.

He forcefully slapped himself twice.

After that, he screamed and leaped to his feet in shock. To his distress, he realized that he was n*ked.

He was so frightened that he used the blanket to cover himself. If it had not been for the sharp pain on his face, he would not have believed that everything was real. “Who are you all? Why are you here? What have you done to me?”

“What’s the matter with you, handsome? You called us over last night, and you ended up sleeping like a log. We’ve tried to seduce you for a long time, but you showed no reaction, so we just slept the night with you.”

“Since you’ve paid us, let’s make it up to you now.”

Given that the women had never seen such a strikingly handsome man, they were slobbering over him.

“Don’t come near me.”

Petrified, Rodney lost his footing and fell on the bed.

At this moment, the door of the room violently flung open.

That was when a crowd of reporters barged in.

“D**n. It really is Young Master Snow.”

“Young Master Snow, you’re impressive. You called over so many women for a night.”

“Young Master Snow, you have a really unique taste.”

“Young Master Snow, you have quite the physique.”

A bunch of cameras flashed at Rodney. At that instant, he felt as if he was trapped in a nightmare.

He felt like breaking down and d***g so badly.

Could someone tell him who he had offended? Why would they want to trick him like that? Ahh.

Hackett Institute.

Freya glanced at her phone and doubled up with laughter as she thumped on the bed.

What a delight.

When Catherine, who had just gotten up, walked past Freya’s room and heard her laughter, she was speechless. She pushed the door open, only to see Freya lying on the bed and laughing with tears of joy. Catherine was at a loss for words. “What are you watching that’s so funny?”

“Let me show you something epic.” Freya handed her phone to Catherine.

At first glance at the trending searches so early in the morning, Catherine thought it would be about Shaun and Sarah’s marriage. However, she did not expect to see “Rodney Slept With Five Women”.

She clicked on the photo, which showed Rodney disheveled and wrapped in a blanket sitting on the hotel room floor. There were also five women in

various shapes and sizes lying on the bed. Of course, what she meant by various shapes and sizes meant they were fat and thin with hideous looks.

There was, of course, more than one photo, and there was also a video featuring the embarrassed chasing the reporters off.

The incident immediately stirred quite a commotion among the netizens.

[When I opened the trending searches today, I thought it’d be about Shaun and Sarah’s marriage. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to be about Shaun’s buddy, Young Master Snow.]

[Is Young Master Snow trying to compete with Young Master Hill for the headline today? He really spared no effort in doing so.]

[Young Master Snow has such a unique taste. Those women looked like they could even be his mom.]

[If I knew earlier that Young Master Snow has such bad taste, I would’ve stood a chance of marrying into his wealthy family. At least I’d look slightly better than those women.]

[Young Master Snow is f*cking awesome. Even a man like me is impressed by him. I’d better have more avocados to increase my desire.]
[No wonder Young Master Snow has been single. It turns out that he’s interested in this type of woman. Does the Snow family know about it? They should arrange a blind date for Young Master Snow according to the standards of these five women.]