Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 702

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What Freya had said at the forum was gradually pushed out to the media by Big V, and so, old news from three years ago was dug up again.

[I remember this lady now. Three years ago, it was said that she seduced Thomas Neeson, so she was scolded by everyone. People even threw eggs at her when she walked.]

[She’s amazing. She’s a top international cosmetic chemist now. I don’t know why, but I kind of believe that she’s telling the truth. Maybe it’s because she’s beautiful.]

[I actually wanted to say this three years ago. Thomas Neeson’s character really isn’t good, but no one believed me.]

[I have a distant relative who worked in Neeson Corporation and frequently got taken advantage of by Thomas. In the end, she resigned because she couldn’t take it anymore.]

[Thomas Neeson is a famous scumbag in the capital. I used to have a university classmate who caught his attention, but she rejected him. In the end, he forced her to jump off the building. Her family sued him, but it was no use. His backer is too tough.]

[Everyone knows that his younger sister is Sarah Neeson. He’s only acting so wildly because his brother-in-law is Shaun Hill.]

When things started to escalate, Shaun was accompanying Sarah to try on her wedding dress.

Hadley went over to report it to Shaun.

“Freya Lynch?” Shaun subconsciously thought of Catherine when he heard that name. These days, he was trying his best to not think about her.

However, now that Freya’s name was mentioned, the incident from three years ago also resurfaced in his mind.

“Yes, it seems that she wants to uncover the truth about the incident three years ago.” Hadley hesitated and said, “Since Thomas Neeson’s reputation has been poor these years, all the comments are against him. Now, people on the internet are… talking about Ms. Neeson and you.”

“What are they saying?” Shaun asked with a cold face.

“They’re saying you’re… taking advantage of your position to bully others.”

While trying on wedding dresses, Sarah’s beautiful face changed upon hearing the words. She never thought that Freya would appear again.

Was she not just a little employee under Rodney back then? How did she manage to have a powerful comeback like Catherine?

She gritted her teeth but quickly said guiltily, “I’m sorry, Shaun. I didn’t expect that incident to bring you trouble again, but I’ve already lectured my brother regarding this. He’s doing much better these years.”

Hadley could not help but say, “But… I saw some people on the internet say that President Neeson… often harasses the beautiful employees in the company.”

Shaun’s handsome face immediately went cold. Sarah secretly cursed at Hadley, but her face only showed chagrin. “I really didn’t know about that. Maybe someone hired people to make those comments…”

“Enough. Suppress the matter first.” Shaun turned to order Hadley.

“Of course.”

After Hadley left, Sarah took Shaun’s arm. “Shaun, regarding this matter, it was my brother who wronged Freya. How about I compensate her with ten million dollars?”

“If you really think that he was in the wrong, then tell him to shut his mouth.” Shaun was inexplicably annoyed. “He was the one at fault in the first place but he ran to the reporters and said that Freya seduced him. If not for the fact that he’s your older brother, I would have k****d him already.”

That year, it was also Thomas Neeson who indirectly caused him to lose his children. Shaun was full of disgust for the man now.

Sarah was shocked by the anger in his eyes, and her eyes reddened as she hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been selfish and asked you to save him in the first place.”

“Forget it, it’s not your fault. However, in the future, I won’t care if he lives or dies anymore,” Shaun said in annoyance.

“Okay.” Sarah held back her tears. “Shaun, does this wedding dress look good on me?”

Shaun casually glanced at her and nodded. “We’ll get this one.”

Then, he went out.

For some reason, he felt that if the dress was worn by Catherine instead, it would be even more beautiful.

Sarah looked at the half-hearted man and stomped her foot in anger.

Just then, Thomas called her. “Sarah, that b*tch Freya Lynch came back. This time, I’ll definitely finish her off!”