Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 691

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 691 – When Shaun thought of Catherine and Young Master Stringer possibly doing the same thing that had happened between them some days ago in the car…

His heart instantly started aching.

He could not bear it and took out his phone to make a call.

Less than ten minutes later, a policeman drove over and knocked on Young Master Stringer’s car window.

“Is something the matter?” Isaac lowered the window.

The officer looked at the young man and woman in the car, saying awkwardly, “Someone reported that you’re making improper transactions in the car.”

What kind of improper transactions could a lone man and a woman carry out in a car?

Isaac and Catherine’s expressions instantly became foul.

Catherine crossed her arms. “Do we look disheveled to you?”

“My apologies.” The officer cursed the person who reported them. That person must be insane.

Just as the officer left and Isaac prepared to continue chatting, a water truck suddenly drove past. Since the window was left open, Isaac, who was sitting on that side, was drenched with water.

He was so angry that his face turned ashen.

“Sorry, I think you’d better go back and have a shower,” Catherine held back her laughter and spoke.

“Yeah, maybe parking my car here has triggered someone.” Isaac smiled wryly. He was a smart man. Catherine had many pursuers tonight, but only he had the chance to send her home, so there must be a lot of men jealous of him.

“No, I must have offended someone. There might be someone who will come cause trouble for me later.” Catherine handed him a tissue and walked into the neighborhood.

Just as she was about to press for the elevator, a large hand suddenly stretched out from behind to block the button.

Then, the familiar and pleasant smell of a man enveloped her from behind.

Catherine did not look up and said casually, “After a night of trouble, you still haven’t had enough?”

“I’m causing trouble?” The man’s sarcastic laughter sounded above her. It seemed like he completely disagreed.

Catherine turned around and tilted her head. “You reported that I was having ‘improper transactions’ and found someone to splash water on Young Master Stringer. Don’t say that it wasn’t you.”

“… Why would I do such senseless things?” Shaun acted like he had heard a joke and wore a sarcastic smile. He would not admit to doing such a thing even if he were beaten to d***h. It was too humiliating.

“It must be that someone saw how you were dressed improperly and kindly reported it to the police.” Shaun’s eyes swept over the large exposed portion of her chest. “Look at yourself. You’re dressed like this and hanging out with a playboy like Isaac Stringer. Aren’t you afraid that people will call you frivolous?”

“So what if I’m frivolous? We’re already divorced, so it’s none of your concern.” Catherine swatted his hand away and pressed the button for the elevator.

Shaun looked at her beautiful back and felt his heart ache in hatred. “What do you think Young Master Stringer will do if he finds out that you were lying in my car just a few days ago?”

“Maybe he’ll find me more sympathetic. After all, you’re the one who’s about to settle down and start a family.” Catherine’s face was full of mockery. “Shaun Hill, don’t you find yourself annoying? We’re already divorced, and it was you who forced me to sign the papers. Sarah and you are going to have IVF done, but you keep running back to me. Don’t tell me that you can’t let me go, or maybe… You want Sarah, but you want me too.”

She suddenly approached him.

Her bewitching voice was like a spell.

Shaun subconsciously pushed her away forcefully and ridiculed her, but her amazing performance and singing tonight suddenly flashed in his mind—along with the sight of her dancing with other men and the sight of her talking and laughing with other men…

He suddenly realized that he had spent most of tonight watching her.

They had signed the papers. From now on, she was completely free. She could be with whoever she wanted to be with.

However, when Young Master Stringer and her were in the car for just half an hour, he had wanted to scratch his heart and lungs out.

He knew that he could not be like this. It would hurt Sarah, and it was unfair to her.