Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 683

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 683 – “Because I missed you. Lea is indeed old compared to you.” Mason circled that woman’s waist. They started kissing each other heatedly.

“Uncle, I know of a place with no one there. Shall we go to that place?” the woman said sweetly.

“Good girl. Let’s go there now.” Mason walked toward the back with his arms around that woman. They gave each other a few pecks as they walked.

However, they did not realize that Catherine had walked out from behind an evergreen tree while holding a phone as they left. The phone that she held was recording a video.

Just as she wanted to go after them, a hand came from behind and snatched her phone away.

She turned back to look. She saw Shaun holding her phone and watching the video. His expression was dark.

“Don’t you feel ashamed as a woman for recording these things?”

After a moment, Shaun glared at Catherine with an unhappy look.

She was speechless. She thought that his expression was grim because he just saw the video of his stepfather having an affair, but she never expected him to discuss that with her.

“Why should I feel ashamed? It’s juicy gossip. Look at how amazing your stepfather is. He’s over 50 years old yet he can still cling to that pretty woman.”

Catherine smiled as she spoke.

“Erase that from your memory.” Shaun felt strangely annoyed.

“Do you think I’m a computer where you can delete anything as you wish?” Catherine took her phone back. She turned around, wanting to leave.

Shaun grabbed her, his gaze looking sharp. “Send that video to me.”

Catherine held out her hand to him.

Under the moonlight, her fair, small hands looked clean and pure. She wore a diamond bracelet around her wrist. It was simple, yet her fair skin made it look luxurious.

Shaun’s heart skipped a beat. “What are you doing?”

“Pay me for the copyright transfer.” Catherine blinked her pretty eyes as if it was a matter of course. “Mason’s image is on the line. He’s the Hill family’s live-in son-in-law and the Campos family’s eldest son. This information must be worth at least 80 million dollars.”

Shaun shot her an icy glance. “80 million dollars? Why don’t you just rob a bank?”

“Young Master Hill, don’t think of me as someone who is inexperienced and doesn’t understand the market. Any paparazzi can easily get tens of millions of dollars for a celebrity’s s*****l. If you’re not willing to pay, I can just sell the video to the media. There must be people fighting to pay for it, especially the Campos family. They’ll even buy it for a billion dollars, I reckon.” Catherine turned around and left in a relaxed manner.

Shaun felt himself having a stomachache from being angry with Catherine. He should have transferred the video to his phone when he had snatched her phone away earlier. “Fine, I’ll pay. Transfer the video to me.”

“Give me the money first and I’ll transfer you the video. When striking a deal, I’m always equally honest with both old and young clients.” Catherine raised her eyebrows.

The corners of Shaun’s mouth twitched. He took his phone out and transferred the money to her immediately.

Catherine’s eyes were arched into curves as she smiled when she saw that sum of money. That sweet smile filled up Shaun’s heart to the brim.

He was still slightly angry at first, but it was as if his anger was soothed all of a sudden.

Was it not just 80 million dollars? He could earn it back in a matter of minutes.

It was not that expensive at all.

With a ding, he received the video on his phone.

“Goodbye. It was a pleasure working with you this time.” Catherine turned around and left. She had just casually come out for a while and earned 80 million dollars. Gosh, she wanted to attend more parties like this.

“Wait…” Shaun blurted out unconsciously when he saw her leave.

“Is there anything else?” Catherine looked back. Part of her chestnut-colored long hair was blown by the night wind, revealing her utterly stunning face and swan-like neck.

Shaun’s throat went dry. He could not help but say, “Don’t dance with Liam anymore in the future. It’s embarrassing.”

“Who I dance with is none of your f*cking business. Is your last name ‘meddle’?”