Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 658

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 658 – “President Yule, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Walter feigned composure and said with a bitter face, “I’ve been with you for ten years, and I’ve always been loyal to you.”

“That’s right. It’s been ten years.” Catherine nodded.

“Although a secretary’s salary is only 20 thousand dollars a month, my dad always gives you a million for your year-end bonus. He also gave you a house, a car, and sent your two children to the best schools, yet this is how you repay him. Walter, you can deny it, but we have records of you p*******g Dad. You probably don’t know, but we’ve installed hidden cameras at every corner of the house.”

Catherine then took out a miniature surveillance camera from the display case in the living room.

Walter’s face turned pale.

“I’ll give you another chance. Who instructed you?” Catherine’s beautiful eyes were cold.

“No… no one instructed me. I did it myself,” Walter mumbled and shook his head. “I hate Chairman Yule. I… I hate that he’s so stingy with his salary every year.”

“I’ve given you, a secretary, so much, and you still think it’s too little.” Joel was so pissed that he coughed while holding his chest.

“Dad, don’t get worked up. You have to understand that some people will only get hungrier the more you feed them. It’s only normal that a man can never be content.”

Catherine turned to say to Walter, “Bring him in. I’ll leave him in your hands.”

“You… What are you going to do to me?” Walter looked at the approaching Logan and turned pale.

However, Logan simply dragged him into a bedroom, ignoring him.

In a short while, miserable and b****l cries sounded.

Joel trembled as he listened. “Cathy, you…”

“Dad, if you don’t teach him a lesson, he’ll always take advantage of you.” With a smile, Catherine helped him to sit down.

“No, he’ll have to be sent to a police station later. I’m afraid…”

“Don’t worry. No one will find out about it,” Catherine said. “I only told Logan to hit him at a few pressure points. It’ll feel like he’s been stabbed by a thousand needles, and the pain is worse than d***h, but he cannot move. The more he moves, the deeper the needles will penetrate, and the more painful it’ll be.”


Joel could not help but shiver. “Where did you learn this? And that young man from before…”

“Dad, I finally understand after all these years. We can only protect ourselves if we’re ruthless.” Catherine smiled at him. “We can treat the people who are good to us well, but there’s no need to be merciful to ungrateful people.”

“You’re right.”

Seeing how she looked, Joel once again lamented at how much she had changed. However, that was understandable. She had suffered so much, and as her father, he should become like her too.

Half an hour later, Logan dragged a d***g Walter out.

“Have you thought about it? I’ve checked your bank account. Since two years ago, your account has increased by an extra 10 million every year. Not only that but before that, your account has always had an additional 100 thousand, and then 200 thousand, and then 300 thousand… The number gets bigger and bigger. If I were to guess, I’d say you’ve been embezzling funds, but someone found out and threatened you to poison my dad. Am I correct?”

Catherine bent down and grinned at him.

“Y-yes.” Walter looked at her like she was the devil. “It was Nicola Wicks. She didn’t expect President Yule to survive the car accident, so she told me to put slow-acting poison in his meals. As long as President Yule was d**d, Ms… Ms. Yule could take over Yule Corporation justifiably.”

“That b*tch. That ruthless woman.”

Joel’s body trembled in anger. “I’ve lived for decades and seen many vicious people, but I’ve never seen someone as vicious as her.”

“Dad, you’re so naive.” Catherine shook her head calmly and looked at Walter, saying, “I have a job for you. Meet with Nicola in private and get the evidence that she told you to poison him.”