Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 649

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 649 – Catherine’s sarcasm infuriated Shaun. “Do you think I wanted to do it? I was set up.”


Catherine scoffed. He was once again being a j**k.

The hidden meaning in his words was, ‘Do you think I wanted to touch you? I wouldn’t have touched you if I hadn’t been set up. That’s why I don’t have to take any responsibility, and you shouldn’t blame me either.’

“Why are you laughing? You must be delighted.” Shaun recalled how much he had yearned for her last night. He was embarrassed.

“Delighted?” Catherine rolled up her sleeves speechlessly. She revealed the rings of bruises on her arms caused by someone gripping her with too much strength. “Please, look at this. I have bruises all over my body. Brother, do you not know that you didn’t even treat me like a human last night? I can sue you for this!”

Looking at those bruises, Shaun went tight-lipped. Traces of apology welled up in him.

“What grudge did I have with you in my past life? Why didn’t you go look for Sarah?” Catherine held back from showing the hatred in her eyes. Did he not know that she would feel disgusted because she was a clean f***k?


Shaun kept silent. His short black hair rested messily on his forehead, but that did not affect his refined looks. Rather, it accentuated his thin lips and long lashes.

“You can’t possibly… have no interest toward Sarah now?”

Catherine walked toward him step by step. The corners of her mouth were lifted into a grin. After last night, she had an additional seductive charm to her.

The unforgettable sweetness from last night flashed across Shaun’s mind. He could not forget that feeling even at this moment.

“Did I get it right?” Seeing that he was keeping silent, Catherine’s smile widened.

“You think too much.” Shaun shot her an icy glare. His words were mean, as if they were laced with poison. “I was just afraid that I would lose my mind last night and do something to hurt Sarah. She should be treated well and cared for. As for you, it serves you right no matter how much you get hurt.”

“Why does it serve me right?”

Catherine’s smile gradually froze.

This was indeed the Shaun she knew. He always had a way to deepen her hatred for him.

Just look at that. Were those words a human would say? Was she not afraid of pain while Sarah was? Did she not deserve to be seen as a human by him?

“You’re my nominal wife. Since you refuse to let go of your position, then it’s only appropriate that you fulfill your duties as a wife.”

After Shaun said that as if it was a matter of course, he felt relieved. He had nothing to feel guilty about toward her.

“Do you dare to say these words to Sarah?” Catherine asked sarcastically.

Shaun’s expression changed. He glared at her. “Catherine, if you dare expose anything that happened last night, I’ll make you pay for it.”

“Shaun, in the story of ‘The Farmer and the Snake’, you’re that poisonous snake.”

Catherine lamented that she had been too kind last night. She should have chased him out and let him suffer and d*e.

Shaun also felt that he was despicable, but he had no choice. “As long as you don’t say anything, Sarah won’t know.”

“I don’t believe you. Nothing can stay a secret forever. When Sarah hears about this, I’ll be the one who’s at fault again. It’ll just be like last time when you bought me underwear. I never said a word, but didn’t you believe her in the end?”

Catherine sneered and walked toward the door.

Shaun was taken aback. He frowned and said, “Are you still trying to deny that incident? If you hadn’t said anything, how did Sarah find out? Besides, you’re saying that Sarah worked together with that manager to lie to me?”

“If I say yes, will you believe me? Between Sarah and me, you’ll never take my side.”

She said that without turning back.