Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 644

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 644 – Shaun suspected that Catherine was flirting with him again.

“Ahem, can you both go outside if you want to flirt?” The police officer coughed lightly with an awkward expression.

Shaun glared at Catherine. It was her fault. She knew no shame.

“Okay, thank you, Mr. Police. Sorry for disturbing you.” Catherine elegantly walked out of the police station’s door in her high heels.

When Shaun followed her out, she showed him her bank account’s QR code. “Scan this.”


Shaun noticed that whenever she was with him, his blood pressure would skyrocket. “Wait, wasn’t it 6,800 dollars just now? Why did it become 26,800 dollars now?”

“That’s the money for my shoes.” Catherine looked at him as if it was a matter of course. “That pair of canvas shoes were from an international brand. I just bought them recently. It cost 20,000 dollars.”

“You hit my face with that shoe, yet you have the audacity to have me compensate you?” Shaun complained.

“You could’ve hit me back. Why did you throw it out of the window?”


As Australia’s top lawyer, he could not find any words to retort her at that moment.

“Hurry up, I’m busy. I still have an appointment with someone else.”

“Who do you have an appointment with? Joseph?” Shaun’s gaze darkened.

Catherine glanced up and walked two steps toward him.

They were already standing close to each other to begin with. This time, her body was almost stuck to his. There was a fragrant smell wafting from her.

Shaun was stunned for a moment. His rationality told him that he should step back, but he was too indulged in the pleasant smell that came from her. “Catherine, what are you trying to do?”

“That should be my question to you. Shaun, do you still have me in your heart?” Catherine raised her pretty eyebrows.

Shaun looked at her as if he had heard a joke. Just as he was about to speak, she pressed her finger on his thin lips.

The current that came from the woman’s finger flowed throughout his body like an electric shock.

His body stayed still.

“You said so yourself that you wanted to divorce me, yet you’re controlling me so strictly. You don’t want me to cheat on you, but don’t you only have Sarah in your heart? When you left her alone and came to find me, did you ever think that Sarah would mind it? Otherwise, did you instinctively ignore her feelings because you find it hateful at the thought of me hugging, kissing, or even… having s*x with other guys?”

She said the last few words softly but with temptation.

Shaun’s heart skipped a beat. He pushed her away, his eyes gleaming with anger and embarrassment.

“In your dreams, Catherine. I can tell you clearly that there’s no space for you at all in my heart. Men are all prideful. As long as you and I get divorced this instant, I won’t care about what you do with other guys.”

“Really?” Her gaze was seductive.

“Absolutely,” Shaun said unconsciously, “Catherine, let’s break up peacefully. The one I love is only Sarah. I want to give her happiness.”


After a moment of silence, Catherine laughed. He was talking so seriously but she only found it hilarious.

“Why are you laughing?” Shaun frowned.

The sunlight that shone through the tree branches fell on her youthful, small face. It made her fair complexion, red lips, and clear eyes stand out even more.

Sarah was pretty as well, but compared to Catherine, her eyes lacked some brightness and spirit.

Furthermore, there was always delicate makeup on Sarah’s face. Sometimes, he felt that she looked completely different before and after removing her makeup. She was not like Catherine, who only ever had light makeup on even if she put some on.

“Nothing. Pay me back now.” Catherine shook the QR code.


Shaun transferred the money to her with some frustration.

“By the way, if you really want to break up peacefully, you shouldn’t stop me from finding another man. I’ll only divorce you when I get another man. You should be encouraging me.” Catherine waved and walked down the stairs.