Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 636

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 636 – Joseph smiled and said, “You forgot that I opened a company in Melbourne before. We became close as we were constantly working together during these few years. We came to Canberra together this time, and he insisted on coming when he heard that I was meeting up with you.”

“Rin, you’re too much. I really thought you were d**d at that time. You didn’t contact me as well. I’m heartbroken. If you wanted to fake your d***h, you should’ve asked me for help. I would’ve surely done a better job than Liam.”

Chase said grumpily.

“How did you know it was Liam? Did Shaun manage to look into it?” Catherine asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yes, I heard them talking about it in the group chat but I never said anything. Ever since you disappeared, I barely speak to them anymore.” Chase shook his head and lamented, “Shaun and Rodney are being played around by Sarah, and Chester hasn’t broken up with Cindy yet. It’s too shocking. What’s so good about Cindy anyway? She was just a normal singer back then but now Chester has forcefully made her become a top actress. F*ck, he’s just blind.”

“You’re right.” Catherine could not help but think of Charity.

That cool yet meticulous girl.

She was obviously better in every aspect compared to that fake woman, Cindy.

It was too bad that Chester’s eyes were not working well.

“That’s why I don’t even feel like meeting up with them even though I’ve come to Canberra.” Chase shrugged his shoulders. “They would bring Sarah and Cindy along for every gathering. I feel nauseous just watching them act.”

Catherine burst out laughing. “Young Master Harrison, I really admire you a lot. What kind of self-control do you have that you can still remain clear-headed even though you’re friends with a bunch of jerks?”

“What nonsense are you saying? My eyes have the ability to tell b*tches apart.” Chase laughed. “Don’t just stand, sit down. Mushroom soup is the specialty here. There are button mushrooms, mini portobello mushrooms, and cremini mushrooms in it. It smells very good.”

Not long after, the waiter served them the mushroom soup. Catherine tasted it, and she had to admit that the taste of the food here was great indeed.

“It’s delicious right?” Chase batted his eyes smugly. “I came here once last time and I thought that the food here was very tasty.”

Catherine gave his words some thought and asked, “Young Master Harrison, this place isn’t easy to find. You’re not a local here, so could it be that Shaun and the others were the ones who brought you here?”

Chase felt awkward for a moment. “It happened a few months ago. They always switch places, so they won’t come here. Don’t worry.”

Catherine nodded. She did not want to meet those people who would make her lose her appetite when she was eating such tasty food.

“Oh, Rin, stop calling me Young Master Harrison. You can just call me Chasie.”


Catherine covered her mouth. She almost spat her food out. “Do you have to be so cheesy?”

“What’s so cheesy about that? My mom calls me that all the time.”

“It’s too cheesy. I’ve decided that I’ll call you Brother Chase.”

After the meal, Chase stepped out to pay the bill.

“Chase, you’re here too. When did you come to Canberra? You didn’t tell us about it.”

Rodney’s voice suddenly sounded out.

When Chase turned around, he saw Rodney, Shaun, Chester, Cindy, and Sarah standing behind him.

He instantly had a headache.

He was done for. He had done Catherine wrong.

“Yes, I just reached this evening. I was just discussing some things with my friends,” Chase said sheepishly.

Chester looked at him. “We’re going to the clubhouse later. Are you coming tonight?”

“No, I still have something to do. I’ll contact you guys again later.”

Just as Chase was done speaking, Catherine’s voice sounded at the door.

“Brother Chase, are you done paying the bill?”

Shaun’s eyes narrowed.

That voice!