Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 615

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 615 – Shaun gritted his teeth and walked to Catherine. Then, he said nonchalantly, “You’re trying to seduce me.”

“Huh?” Catherine was totally caught off guard. Her dark charming eyes revealed a sense of innocence and bewilderment. Little did she realize how seductive she looked at the moment. “What did I do?”

“You know better than anyone else.” Shaun fixed his gaze on her glowing eyes and scoffed at her deep down. This was exactly how she was seducing him.

Speechless, Catherine subconsciously looked down. “You’re finally done, huh?”

Shaun glowered at her fiercely, his ears turning red without him realizing it. “Catherine Jones, what’s on your mind? Have you no shame?”

Catherine raised her brows. He was basically a b*stard, but why did his ears go red? Was he trying to act pure? “I was just thinking that you didn’t need to visit the andrology unit and Sarah should be the one who should see the doctor. As a woman, there’s no need to be so desirous. With your condition, she should be content.”

“Sarah is unlike you,” Shaun mocked her sullenly despite having grasped her message.

Having said that, he had kept Sarah waiting for three years. Was… Was she actually lonely?

A complicated feeling flashed across his eyes. All of a sudden, he was doubtful about it.

“Don’t you know my desire? We already had children together,” Catherine responded with a straight face.


Shaun choked upon hearing it.

He suspected that she was trying to get him into bed, but he had no evidence.

“Have you made up your mind?” Catherine asked out of the blue.

Shaun was momentarily stunned, and his brows furrowed. “Are you talking about Hudson?”

“It’s up to you whether you return it to me, but it’s impossible for me to apologize to Sarah,” Catherine said indifferently, “Having said that, my patience has its limits. You have to decide by tomorrow. Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my hands and end up exposing the evil deeds you guys have done.”

“Catherine Jones, do you even know your place? How dare you threaten me?!” Shaun flew into a rage, his eyes heavy with grimness.

“Why? You’re planning to k**l me, huh?” Catherine was fearless.


Shaun’s handsome face darkened. In her eyes, was he merely a lunatic who k****d people savagely?

“Do you think that I don’t dare to do so?” he warned her severely.

“I know you dare to do it. I surely won’t doubt it, but you can’t easily strangle me now.”

Catherine smiled. “Maybe I’m not as great as you, but if we begin attacking each other, it’ll alert the neighbors and the entire neighborhood. What’s more, from the moment you stepped into this neighborhood, all your movements have been recorded on the surveillance cameras. If I d*e, you certainly won’t be able to get away.

“President Hill, even if you plan to hide the truth through bribery, this incident will inevitably sound the alarm. For example, the Campos family, who has been plotting and vying to be the most brilliant family in Australia, will probably seize the opportunity to ruin your reputation and even… put you through h**l.”

“What a detailed analysis you’ve provided.”

Shaun was in total exasperation. Was she under the impression that he would not k**l her? Although he had never thought about doing anything illegal, what was her motive for infuriating him?

“Thank you.” Catherine lowered her head and continued cutting the sausage. “Previously, you could threaten me with my dad and Freya. But now that my dad has recovered and Freya isn’t around, I’m alone. I have nothing to lose.”

Shaun stared at her back intently. He was under no illusions that her words were true.

Indeed, there was nothing he could use to threaten this woman.

They remained silent for half a minute before he said, “I can promise to return Hudson to you, but we have to get a divorce.”

“No way.” Catherine flatly rejected him without lifting her head.

Shaun exploded with fury. “Don’t be ungrateful. I’ve already made a concession.”

Catherine turned her head around and raised her brows. “If you hadn’t appointed Sarah as the president of Hudson, I might’ve agreed to get a divorce. But you got on my nerves, especially today when I learned that you made Cindy the ambassador of Hudson. How brilliant you are to gather those people I hate in the company? Why don’t you ask Rebecca to join as well? By gathering those three hypocrites, you can fulfill all your wishes.”

Stung by her criticisms, Shaun sneered, “Well, you just hate everyone, don’t you? I think something is wrong with you.”